Sailing vacation in Montenegro

Best places and routes to sail in region. Weather, trade winds and important details for perfect sailing holidays in Montenegro.

Sailing trip in Montenegro

Yacht charter in any of the ports of Montenegro is easy with Sailica. Our experts will gladly help you to choose a yacht and plan a perfect yacht route. To manage the boat yourself, you need a certificate. Otherwise, there are crewed yacht charters. Many yacht schools in the country provide trainings and issue certificate

Sailing season
June - September
Travel season
May - October
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Main facts about region

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Why do yachtsmen love sailing in Montenegro?

The southwestern Montenegro is washed by the Adriatic Sea. Almost 300 km of the coast, 14 islands scattered across the sea and the large bay of Boka Kotorska made this country perfect for yacht cruises.


Airplanes from all over the world land in the airports of Tivat and Podgorica. Also, you can get to Montenegro from every corner of Europe by the railway. Most countries have a visa-free regime for 30 days.


Private yacht charter in Montenegro will allow you to discover the coasts of other countries like Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia or Slovenia. The Mediterranean climate is great for both resting on the coast and travelling in the waters of the Adriatic Sea. High season for yachting lasts from May to September. You can still rent motor and sailing yachts and catamarans in early spring and October, but storms and heavy rains can happen.

Montenegro - Yacht Charter Sailica
Montenegro - Yacht Charter Sailica
Montenegro - Yacht Charter Sailica

Routes and Events in Montenegro

You can go to any place in Montenegro from the airport of Tivat. The city itself offers many interesting places worth visiting. There are beautiful beaches, tourist-oriented infrastructure, as well as one of the largest yacht ports — Porto Montenegro. At the end of July, there is a wine fair where you can try and buy amazing wines created according to ancient recipes.


  • The main event is the International Festival of Carnival May Evenings in Budva. It takes place annually at the end of April and at the beginning of May.
  • A sailing regatta on the Lim River takes place in the city of Plav in May.
  • Herceg Novi is located on a hillside above the bay. Its landmark is the ancient fortress of Kanli-Kula and old authentic streets. Prices for food, clothes and souvenirs is rather low here in comparison with large resorts.
  • The island of St. Nicholas in the bay of Budva will charm you with pristine nature, the XVI century church and luxurious uncrowded beaches.
  • Hollywood celebrities often visit St. Stephen’s Island which was closed until last year. Now you can easily access it on during a yacht tour.


In addition to yacht trips, parachute jumping, banana riding and other extreme sports are popular here.


Montenegro is the former part of Yugoslavia, and now it is a rapidly developing European state. Tourism in Montenegro is developing together with the country, a new tourist infrastructure is being built, and the beautiful nature, local coloring, and a relatively low (by European standards) cost of the holiday in Montenegro contributes to this.

Available yachts in the region

1045 €
per week
42 ft
Built in
1415 €
per week
39 ft
Built in
1607 €
per week
38 ft
Built in
1739 €
per week
48 ft
Built in

Nearest Airports

Tivat Airport TIV
Podgorica Airport TGD
Berane Airport IVG

Climate and season of Montenegro

The Mediterranean climate prevails on the coast. High season for yachting from May to September. Sailing boat and catamaran charter are available in early spring and October. There are storms and downpours in the country.

Water temperature in sailing season +22...+24 °
Air temperature in sailing season +27...+30 °
Wind speed in sailing season 10 - 20 knots

Tides and weather forecast sources

There are almost no tides in the Adriatic Sea. Their average height is half a meter. During strong winds, the height of the waves rises to one and a half meters. The winds of the Adriatic Sea often change directions. They are fickle. Summer calm can be replaced by a storm or a strong wind from the north.


The north-east wind is called borea. The southeast wind is called sirocco. These two winds are dangerous for sailors. Wind from the southwest is less frequent and not so long. It can go to the southeast. In most cases, this results in a severe storm and prolonged deterioration of the weather. 


There are bays, narrow canals on the east coast of the country. There are winds much more dangerous than in open spaces. You can run aground or break on coastal cliffs.


After arriving in the marina, the yachtsman can get a daily weather forecast. Also, the weather forecast can be found by the MMSI number — an analog of a phone number, only for radio stations. Consists of 9 digits. The first three are the code of the country under the flag of which the yacht is registered. The remaining six are the numbers assigned to your yacht. Montenegro's code is 262.

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