Book a skippered yacht charter or private bareboat in British Virgin Islands

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Frequently asked questions about yacht rent in British Virgin Islands

When is the boat charter season in the BVI?

The British Virgin Islands are perfect for sailing from December to April. The most unpleasant period for a vacation on boat here is June-November. Hurricanes can occur on the BVI at this time. Island services usually warn about them a few days before, but it is better to listen to the weather forecasts.

Do I need a visa to rent a boat in the BVI?

Yes, the British Virgin Islands require a visa. You can apply for it at the British embassy, ​​regardless of having the original British visa.

Where can I find a boat charter in the BVI?

Road Town, the capital of the British Virgin Islands, is located on Tortola Island. The harbour is divided into several small marinas. It is a centre of local tourism and a paradise for charter boats.

The best airport for boat charter in the BVI?

The main airport of the BVI is located on Beef Island (connected to Tortola Island by a road bridge). But only local flights fly here. If you want to get to Tortola, use the international airport in Puerto Rico, Saint Martin or St. Thomas. You can also get to Tortola from St. Thomas by sea tram.