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Frequently asked questions about yacht rent in Italy

When is the boat charter season in Italy?

The sailing season in Italy lasts from May to September, but it depends on where you plan to have a boat vacation. The farther south is available for travelling on yachts and catamarans most time of the year.

Do I need a visa to rent a boat in Italy?

Italy belongs to the Schengen zone, and the conditions for visa application are the same as for the rest of its countries.

Where can I find a boat charter in Italy?

The most popular boat sailing routes in Italy go along the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian coasts and adjacent islands (Sardinia, Sicily, Elba, Ponza Islands, Aeolian Islands). That’s why you will easily find a boat charters in these places. The widest choice of boats is in Cagliari, Olbia and Portisco in Sardinia, as well as in Palermo, Salerno and Tonnarella in Sicily.

The best airport for boat charter in Italy?

The largest Italian airport is 30 km from Rome, in Fiumicino. There are also airports in Verona, Venice, Milan, Palermo (Sicily) and Cagliari (Sardinia).