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What is necessary to take the yacht on your own?

To rent the yacht, you need to have the license of the skipper that allows sailing on such vessel in this region, for example IYT, RYA, MYA, ISSA or any other certificate of the skipper, which is valid in the state which you are planning to visit.

Attention: Sailica recommends: If you have recently obtained the license, you shouldn’t tempt fate and take control over the boat, it will be better if you will go sailing to several flights with the skilled captain and gain some experience. The sea is not a thing you should joke with.

When will I get the yacht and when I need to return it?

Standardly the charter begins and ends on Saturday. Thus, you get the boat on Saturday after lunch, and then you return it exactly in a week early in the morning. It should be noted that most charter companies strictly recommend to return the yacht in the evening on Friday.

Unusual dates 4,8,10 days.

During a low season, such as April or October (when it comes to the Mediterranean, the charter is possible for 8 or 10 days). There is no such opportunity during the busy season. Yachts are available only for one or two-three weeks and so on.

How many people could be on the boat?

At this moment, boats which are leased in the charter are about from 26 to 62 feet long, with a capacity of 2−13 people. Just decide the number of people, and leave the rest for the manager of

What types of yachts are available to a charter?

Three types of vessel are available to a charter: Sail vessels, single-hulled boats, sail catamarans and motor yachts.

How to choose the yacht?

That is not as difficult as you may believe.

The first thing you should be guided at are the goals for which boat was chosen. Everything depends on your willingness to chase or to drink a prosecco from ice glasses, being on your way into the sunset and also being armed with a mainsail with coiling to a mast? Probably it is necessary to choose between the "second refrigerator" which represents comfort and asceticism, and it will allow to perform in any regatta no worse than your rivals.

Of course, the second thing is the region of swimming. The boat for offshore swimming differs from the boat which is intended for coastal walks. The same can be said about yachts which are intended for cruises in northern and southern latitudes. They are different in the equipment, safety and so on. For example, on the yachts which are intended for a coastal cruising the cockpit is opened, but on offshore yachts — on the contrary.

The following step is to decide the size and the number of places. Everything is very simple here, and you should reverse the science: we have 8 people, it means that they need 4 cabins. And of course, personal preferences.

Try to book the yacht beforehand (for half a year). In that case, you would have a wider choice, everything is just like with hotels. One more undeniable plus of this booking is a discount. Pay attention to what is included/ what isn’t included in the price.

In general, in questions concerning to choosing the yacht and general organization, we advise to trust professionals. Consult the captain, friends who understand basic things or with the Sailica team, eventually.

What is included and not included in the price?

The price which you see on the website includes only rent of the yacht. Such options as services of the captain, the suspended motor, an additional gas cylinder or bedding sets will be charged additionally. Also, It should be noted that there are also options which need to be paid, for example, such as final cleaning of the yacht.

How to write the letter of assist correctly?

When you finally have chosen the yacht and the region, you should send the application for booking. Point out as much more details as possible and ask as many questions as possible, it is necessary to facilitate the work of the manager and to accelerate booking process.

Details which worth attention are dates of travel, boat model and presence of the skipper. To promote better circumstances, you can give your phone number, so the manager will be able to contact you quicker and discuss all trifles personally.

Skipper service

Skipper service on average costs 130−150 euros a day + food. Perhaps, it could be more or less, depending on which yacht you will choose. Most likely, you or your acquaintances have a familiar skipper, but if you don’t, leave it to us.

Hostess services

If you want to enjoy the whole rest, without looking out for breakfast, then employ the hostess. This is the member of the team, who is intended to keep the yacht clean and to help crew (passengers) with any questions, which are connected with the boat and life organization. Also, the hostess can play a role of the cook.

Why I have to be sure that the chosen yacht will be in good repair?

Sailica carefully chooses partners and cooperate only with the high qualified charter companies, which take the leading roles in the workforce and whose experience and quality of service is confirmed with time and thousands of happy clients around the world.

Payment procedure

When you book the yacht, you either pay the full amount, or 50% of the value is paid. The remained 50% can be paid in one month before a charter, this term is dictated by conditions of the charter company.


If suddenly there is a situation at which you won’t be able to go to a travel and it will be required to return money, a part of the sum will be returned to you, it is similar with the system of refunding of airlines. Thus, if the something happens, let’s just say, in six month before charter, you have a chance to return the large proportion of the raised amount.

Booking process step by step:

1. You go to and then you select the ideal yacht according to all your requirements.

2. Further, it is necessary to send the application for booking, then our manager contacts you to go over details.

3. Signing the freight contract and payment of the services, partial or full, will be the last step. Payment can be made straight from your cash card or any other way, which is suitable for you (SWIFT, Western Union, etc.)

4. You enjoy the rest, give us positive feedback about the work of our service and tell all your friends about us:)

What is the check of the yacht?

Before going to travel, the skipper has to ensure that the yacht is completely serviceable and ready to accept a crew on board. Check is a complex inspection of the vessel, all material, documents and details which are worth attention. After the skipper is convinced that the yacht complies with the standards, he will sign documents and the crew will be lifted on board.

Early check:

The previous crew leaves the yacht at 09:00 on Saturday and some it takes a while to clean the yacht and to prepare it for the next charter. It is usually possible to begin a check of the boat at 3−4 p. m., however, if you order service "early verification", the charter company will make the best efforts to prepare your yacht to the verification by noon.

Is it necessary to have an experience for sailing on the yacht with the hired captain?

No, if the captain is hired, the experience isn’t necessary. Only your wishes about the route and organizational questions are needed.

Is it necessary to have insurance?

Yes, you need standard tourist insurance for 30000 thousand euros for EU countries, in other cases, it is better to figure out the conditions of enter to that country where you plan to spend a weekend.

Sailica recommends: take sport insurance, it is not much more expensive, however, it bears much more cases.

What about sailing with children?

Children and yachts are fully compatible. Of course, everything depends on the temperament of the child, how active he is and so on, but in most cases, children like yachting. The most dangerous thing in such situation (for a parental purse) is that, probably, your child will want to register in sailing school right after the trip. As they say: "Bring the child to the sailing sports section, and he will never have money for alcohol and drugs, all of it would be spent on the main hobby".

Also, for children up to 5 years, it is possible to order special mesh protection on a handrail as an additional option.

What about visas? Is it necessary for a yacht voyage?

It is important to understand that yachting is an ordinary trip, just by the sea. All laws which are applied to any tour works here too. Yes, you will need visas, insurance, routes and so on.

What about additional expenses during the travel?

It is the first question which is asked by everyone. Here everything is personal. Everything depends on the country which you are planning to visit, on a type of yachting, on the company with which you travel and also on abysses of other factors.

Sailica recommends: Take so much money, how much the embassy of the country, where you are planning to go recommends. For example, for Greece, it is about 50 Euros a day. All information is in the public domain on the websites of the states and on the infinite number of forums.

How to plan a route?

If you are the captain, you may miss this point. You totally can plan routes.

If you are intended to employ the captain, you should surf the Internet, read guides and advise of skilled tourists, to walk along the streets via Google Maps and read articles about the regions on in the section "Directions". Further, to make the list of the wishes and to show it to the captain, he will plan a route according to his knowledge and your list, and he will make it the most comfortable for you.

What about food?

Each charter yacht has a completely equipped kitchen. Usually, breakfasts and lunches are cooked onboard, and dinners served in restaurants. And, however, it is an acquired taste, there are companies which don’t cook at all, and there are other companies, which prefer to eat only on the yacht.

Is it possible to fish onboard?

Yes, totally. Ask the captain, he certainly knows the best fish places.

Who does the cleaning on the yacht?

Still depends on the company, but usually, everyone does it by turn. In general, it is accepted to keep the yacht clean, so the cleaning will not be necessary. However, it turns out this way not always.

It is also possible to employ the hostess who will deal with all life issues.

The Trip

During the travel, you will stop in several yacht-clubs or marines, and it is natural that you will have to pay for it.

Spending the night in marine can cost differently, for example, in Greece the majority of harbors and moorings are free, and the average price of comfortable marine for 14-foot-high yacht will be 30−40 euro. At the same time, in some marines you can pay 10 times more, for example, the marine on the Italian island of Capri will cost 800 euros for monochallahand 1400 euros for a 13−14-foot-high catamaran. Also, in the Mediterranean sea, there are a lot of private marines which are located directly near the coastal restaurants. Just order a dinner for all team in the restaurant, and you will be able to spend the night at the pier.

Parking on the first and the last day of the charter in a "house" marine is included in the price.

What about power supply and water on the yacht:

There is a large supply of fresh water on the yacht so that will be enough for transitions between marines. Also on some yacht, a desalination device is installed, so it will allow you not to depend on the water supply. In 90% of marines, you will be offered a water refilling.

The situation with electricity isn’t so unambiguous. On the yachts, there are sockets with a voltage of 12 V for charging all electronic devices and work of the internal equipment of the yacht, but to use a hair dryer you have to wait for a connection to the coastal power source in marine. However, there are some exceptions too. The consumer makes the rules, that’s why the appearance of diesel generators and inverters 220V has been most frequent on the modern yachts. Everything is for the best half of our human being. Although, there’s always working beer fridge throughout all transition.

Electricity and water (with rare exception) are always included in the price of parking in marine, so you shouldn’t worry about that.


The yacht is provided with a full tank of fuel (but you still have to check it), and at the end of a charter, the tank needs to be filled. This can be pulled off in a "house" marine where you will return at the end of a travel.

If you deal with the sailing vessel, don’t worry, the wind is at your disposal, but it is not proven… Thus, everything depends on the weather, if it would deign to you, it will be minimizing fuel consumption.

If it’s a motor yacht, the math is simple: fuel consumption an hour we multiply by the number of engine hours and then we get a pretty penny and curses from worldwide ecologists.

To conclude, travel on sailing vessels.

What is should be taken on the yacht?

The Sailica team has made the detailed list of things which can be necessary for travel for you!

What shouldn't be taken?

The only taboo on the yacht is rigid suitcases. One of the precepts of a charter says: "Don't occupy with the suitcase a cabin of the neighbor" or "who has taken a suitcase, also sleeps with him". Here everything is simple. On the yacht, space is organized very reasonably and any large thing, like your huge suitcase, would hamper all of the crew.

Is it possible to take a shower on the yacht?

Yes, there are all things which are necessary for life on the yacht, as well as in hotel: kitchen, refrigerators, generators, bathrooms and so on.

On Yacht

Modern yachts are extremely safe because producers and regulators make an effort to do it. Today on any charter yacht maximum of safety is provided, which correspond to the boat and swimming region. For example, you will always find EPIRB-radio buoy, which is activated in case of disaster and gives the corresponding signals to all rescue services and satellites, the liferaft, life jackets, a set of pyrotechnics and many other things.

Anyway, it is necessary to remember, that chief on the yacht is a captain. He is responsible for the safety of crew and the vessel, it should be remembered firstly in all stressful situations when you think that the captain isn’t right.

Sailica recommends: don’t get into situations in which all above-mentioned measures will be necessary.

What is the security deposit? Why is it necessary?

The charter company has to be sure that you will not damage the expensive yacht, which has been given you for rent and if you will, you would compensate the cost of repair. For this reason, the security deposit is raised, but then it will be returned, but only if you have not damaged the yacht during your trip. If you have broken any detail of the yacht or the equipment or you have undermined the yacht, and you were not able to correct them, a great part of deposit will be seized for repair.


Everybody, who first time got on the sailing yacht asks a question — "Can the yacht turn over?". People who ask this question can be classified into two groups: squints who overheard from "skilled seamen" that sailing yacht is "unsinkable!" and people who are really interested in it and a little bit scared.

The first always ask this question with a raised eyebrow, an easy grin and sense of superiority over people from the second group, inspecting them a little highhanded they are easy to recognize. In 99 percent cases, they begin to argue on this subject and answer a question, but the do it wrong

The second really want to understand that they are in safety and their week won’t end with a shipwreck.

The answer to this question sounds like this: "The sailing yacht, just as a catamaran, can turn over at certain circumstances, such as very bad weather conditions (a huge wave and a storm wind) in a complex with the wrong actions of the captain and his team. However, even when the mast touches water, the correct actions of a team can return the vessel to its original position because of a special design of the case (The ballast which is located in the false-keel under the bottom of the yacht provides the maximum stability).

How not to get seasick:

• Seasick is a personal business. Everyone could get carsick differently from a different wave, and there are no people who don’t get carsick. Anyway, you don’t have to afraid getting seasick and to swallow a dozen of pills from motion sickness if this is your first time on the yacht. First, check, and then take measures (if need be).

• Ginger. As far as we know, tablets were invented not so long ago, but people had scoured rough plowed waters of the World Ocean. Very famous and tested by generations way is ginger. Take a small piece of ginger and begin to chew it. Usually, it helps to get rid of motion sickness entirely.

• Pills. If you really feel sick and even ginger hasn’t helped, more pills which help from seasick had been invented for you, all of is are on sale in the tablet form and work roughly the same: it is necessary to take a pill before 2−3 hours before the voyage starts.

• Figure out where you get sick more, on the deck or in a cabin. There is a misperception that you may feel better on the deck and leave a cabin is a panacea. And really, most of the people get sick less on the desk, because of a large amount of fresh air and visibility of the horizon. However, there is not a large number of people who are ready to argue with that.

• After measures have been taken make yourselves useful Seriously. It is not clear, but when you are doing something useful, don’t remember about a motion sickness at all. No, don’t ask a captain to swim up close to sunset, it isn’t useful, it is dangerous.

Will I be allowed to drive?

Each crew member, if he wants and has the permission of the captain, takes part in control of the yacht.