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How To Plan A Boat Trip With Friends
Friends and yacht — perfect recipe for unforgettable vacations.
Anton Syniavskyi November 27, 2018
Best Sailing Destinations in the Mediterranean
Full guide on favorite destinations among yachtsmen.
Alina Kovalchuk November 14, 2018
7 best places for yacht vacation
Discover new locations that definitely should be in your “must visit” checklist.
Alina Kovalchuk November 7, 2018
Ten world’s best events you should see from a yacht
Overview of the most exciting yachting festivals worth visiting in 2019.
Alina Kovalchuk October 18, 2018
History of one businessman
An interview with Vadim Efvstaviev, Co-owners of Croatian Under the heaven charter company.
Kirill Soliar June 12, 2018
10 fashion brands helping save the oceans
Plastic waste has long been considered one of the biggest threats to the world’s oceans…
Alexander Ivanov May 7, 2018
Places, where pirates wield
Instruction "how should you plan your yachting voyage avoiding pirates".
Lena Karnaukh May 1, 2018
Sailing in North Korea!
Sailica team has decided to contact the agent in DPRK and find out is it possible to go sailing there.
Special agent of Sailica April 5, 2018
TOP-6 silly questions from tourists
Sailica team has collected for you the list of the silliest and ridiculous questions from guests onboard.
Stepan Közel March 30, 2018
Are you sure you know the geography well?
Are you sure you know the geography well? Сheck yourself.
Olivia Rajlyan March 20, 2018