Sailing vacation in Bahamas

Best places and routes to sail in region. Weather, trade winds and important details for perfect sailing holidays in Bahamas.

Sailing trip in Bahamas

Yacht charter in the Bahamas, making an itinerary and consulting the entire charter period — Sailica can help you with all of that. You can find yachts at a bargain price with the help of Sailica at any time of year in the Bahamas. Also, beginners can hire a boat with a skipper.

Sailing season
December - April
Travel season
October - May
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Main facts about region

Telephone code:
UTC−5, in Sommer UTC−4
Bahamian dollar (BSD)

Yacht Charter in the Bahamas

The common name “Bahamas” unites more than 700 islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas attracts yachtsmen with a wide choice of routes, a mild climate, comfortable marinas and a large selection of yacht rentals.


There is an international airport on the New Providence island near Nassau city, the capital of the state. If there are no direct flights, there are always transfers from the UK and the USA. The climate is transitional from subtropical to tropical. High season for yachting is from December to May. In the off-season strong winds, precipitation and storms are possible. The language is mostly English. Most of the islands here are private, consider that when planning a route.


Sights of the Bahamas

These exotic islands have all the types of entertainment you can wish. Yacht tours, diving, fishing, the combination of special culture and tourist-oriented infrastructure with luxurious restaurants, bars, casinos and souvenir shops. Both experienced seadogs and families with children will like the local nature and exotic marine fauna. Just find yacht or catamaran charter in the Bahamas that suits you and let the journey begin.

Bahamas - Yacht Charter Sailica
Bahamas - Yacht Charter Sailica
Bahamas - Yacht Charter Sailica
Bahamas - Yacht Charter Sailica
Bahamas - Yacht Charter Sailica

Yacht routes in the Bahamas

The route on a sailing yacht in the Bahamas must include:

  • Marina Nassau is ideal for starting sailing in the Bahamas. 

  • Big Bahama is the local center of casinos and clubs, suitable for connoisseurs of nightlife. 

  • Bimini — if you want to see unique coral reefs, go fishing, or relax. 

  • Eskuma is a nice bonus for divers. Comfortable diving locations are available here.


Some islands here are private property. It's a good idea to plan the Bahamas travel itinerary.

Available yachts in the region

Yachting season and weather in the Bahamas

There is no best time to travel to the Bahamas. With a tropical climate and good weather, the tourist season on the island lasts all year round. 


Summer begins in May and brings with it warm, humid tropical masses and high Bahamas water temperature. During this period, there is a lot of rainfall and hurricanes are possible.


In winter, sometimes a cold, windy front comes, but the average air temperature ranges from + 22 ° to + 36 ° C. The beginning of the yachting season in the Bahamas — December. 


The tides' amplitude on the islands is up to 1 meter, but navigation is quite tricky due to the massive shallow water and reefs. Every yacht offered for charter on the islands has an ebb and flow chart to keep you informed of convenience conditions. You can see Bahamas travel guide on Sailica. 

Water temperature in sailing season +24...+26 °
Air temperature in sailing season +26...+32 °
Wind speed in sailing season 9 - 11 knots

Weather forecast for yachting in the Bahamas 

Be sure to check the synoptic situation in the Bahamas before sailing. Summertime is the season of rains and hurricanes. But don't be alarmed — storms are rare and weather services always report them in advance.


For information about weather conditions, use the following services:

  • The Bahamas — an online resource for information about weather and tradewinds in the Bahamas. There is also a planner for tourists, which displays the weather for the selected month.

  • Whether — a site with accurate synoptic data. 

  • Windfinder — a service for tracking winds, viewing water and air temperatures.