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Top 10 Best Catamarans for Charter
We bring to your attention the Top 10 Best Catamarans for Vacation
Alyona Shkarupeta May 6, 2021
Top Turkish places for yacht sailing
Full list of main destinations in Turkey for an inspiring sailing
Dmytro Mamontov January 21, 2020
Central and Southern Dalmatia Routes
Top 12 Places for a Perfect Sailing Route in Croatia
Dmytro Mamontov September 20, 2019
Croatian yachting routes
The most convenient places to travel on a yacht or catamaran in Croatia
Dmytro Mamontov September 6, 2019
10 things to do when sailing on the Azores
Whales, volcanoes and hot springs — what else can you find on the Azores?
Dmytro Mamontov August 2, 2019
Top 6 Bahamian Islands to study the marine life
There are so many underwater wonders here. And we have picked the most interesting of them.
Dmytro Mamontov June 27, 2019
Best Sailing Destinations in the Mediterranean
Full guide on favorite destinations among yachtsmen.
Alina Kovalchuk November 14, 2018
7 best places for yacht vacation
Discover new locations that definitely should be in your “must visit” checklist.
Alina Kovalchuk November 7, 2018
TOP-6 silly questions from tourists
Sailica team has collected for you the list of the silliest and ridiculous questions from guests onboard.
Stepan Közel March 30, 2018
TOP 5 yachts for the Mediterranean charter according to Sailica.
Sailica team has selected for you the top 5 yachts, which are ideal for a trip over the Mediterranean.
Stepan Kozel March 20, 2018