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Frequently asked questions about yacht rent in France

When is the boat charter season in France?

The sailing season in France lasts from May to September. You can easily rent a boat in France on the Mediterranean shores where the weather can be mild even in November. There is also the option of boat rental in the off-season, but get ready for the bad weather.

Do I need a visa to rent a boat in France?

France is a Schengen country; the conditions for visa applications are the same here as in similar countries.

Where can I find a boat charter in France?

There are many places in France where you can find a boat rental. In the French Riviera, it is Bormes Les Mimosas, Cogolen and Marseille. There are several harbours in Corsica, for example, Propriano and Ajaccio. And you may find one or two boats for rent in almost any coastal town throughout France.

The best airport for boat charter in France?

Most likely, you will begin your journey from Paris: most French planes arrive here. Airports in Nice, Leon and Toulouse are popular too. If you plan to find a boat for rent in or near Marseille, it also has a large airport.