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Ibiza Island: perfect place for sailing

Best sailing areas in Ibiza Island. Sailing routes, weather and wind details, facts about region and important details to sail in Ibiza Island.

Sailing trip in Ibiza Island

Ibiza is a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea and a part of the Balearic archipelago. Everyone knows Ibiza, as the center of parties and club drive. As a yachting resort, the island is less known. Nevertheless, there is a wide range of motor and sailing yachts, a mild climate, and the elaborate routes for the yacht trips of various duration.


It is a fairly small island located 79 km off the coast of Valencia in Spain. Its width is just under 40 km, and its coastline is 210 km. The island has many contrasts: unspoiled countryside, bustling beaches, and magical unforgettable places.

Sailing season
May - October
Travel season
All year round
Marinas in this location
Boats in this location

Main facts about region

Telephone code:
Catalan, Spanish
UTC + 1, in summer UTC + 2 (CEST)
Euro (EUR)

Yacht rental on Ibiza

There is an international airport, which is also open to local flights. You could fly directly to the island, or if there are no tickets, then the connecting point could be at one of the airports in inland Spain or on neighboring Mallorca.


Each year in September, an island regatta takes place, it is better to sign up in advance, because only 25 yachts are allowed to participate. The event is more tourist than sport, with a relaxed atmosphere and entertainments.

Ibiza Island - Yacht Charter Sailica
Ibiza Island - Yacht Charter Sailica
Ibiza Island - Yacht Charter Sailica
Ibiza Island - Yacht Charter Sailica
Ibiza Island - Yacht Charter Sailica

Ibiza Routes

Yachtsmen, who start from Ibiza, usually choose such routes of the yacht cruises:

  • a cruise around the island;
  • a trip to Formentera with a visit to the beautiful uninhabited islands (7-day route);
  • a “round-the-world” cruise in the Balearics (14-day route).

Our consultants will help you to make a more detailed plan of a yacht trip on Ibiza. Leave a request on the site to get an initial consultation. We offer the best prices for yacht rentals on the Balearic Islands and support in vacation arranging.


Ibiza is the Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, and also it is a part of Balearic Islands. Officially the island of Ibiza is a territory of the Kingdom of Spain, but informally is an independent, dancing and detachable island state.

Available yachts in the region

Nearest Airports

Ibiza Airport IBZ

Yachting season and weather in Ibiza

The climate in Ibiza is the Mediterranean. There are warm winters and not too hot summers. In late autumn and early spring, there are few tourists in Ibiza — the rainy season begins. Best time to travel to Ibiza — all year round. 


The region is relatively easy to sail by yacht. Therefore, even a beginner can cope. But in the area between Ibiza and Formentera, you need to be careful, because there are sharp cliffs and shoals. If you sail on safe and secure routes, there will be no problem. The shallow waters of La Bota locate about one nautical mile northwest of Isla es Vedra. This place is a known but not designated hazardous area. Care must take here — there is a large rock just below the surface.


Wind conditions in Ibiza depend on mainland Africa. The cold Poniente winds blow from the southwest and the warm Levant from the southeast. In spring and autumn, Sirocco comes from the south and causes storms. Strong winds are from October to April.


The ebb and flow are predictable and regular here. At the height of the summer season in the Mediterranean, they occur twice a day.


The number of hours of sunshine in Ibiza is 2700-2800 hours per year, and the amount of rain is between 400 and 450 millimeters per year. The average temperature is + 22 ° C. Winters are slightly rainy and mild; summers are hot and somewhat humid, but with very little rainfall. Rainy days are few and often accompanied by thunderstorms.

Water temperature in sailing season +20...+25 °
Air temperature in sailing season +25...+30 °
Wind speed in sailing season 10 - 15 knots

Ibiza weather forecast for yachting

  • — website guide to Ibiza with weather forecast;

  • — accurate weather data, satellite imagery, cloud cover;

  • weather and Ibiza water temperature — a site with accurate synoptic data;

  • windfinder — a service for tracking tradewinds Ibiza, viewing water and air temperatures;

  • — weather, tide map.

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