Yachting means emotions, adrenaline, vivid sensations and just a passion you want to devote the maximum amount of time. Who once tried it, will agree, and for those who are not it’s just time to join us! Sailica will back you up.

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Sailica is a full-service, allowing to rent sailing and motor yachts, as well as catamarans around the world. Our database includes 9,000 sailing and motor yachts in 130 + routes, 400 marinas and yacht clubs in all parts of the globe, from the azure of Mediterranean up to the exotic Tasman sea.

All you need to do with Sailica:

  1. choose your favorite yacht;
  2. leave a request;
  3. get a personal consultation;
  4. make an advance payment and get ready for the voyage.

Sailica is available in three languages: English, Russian and German. We have also developed a full-fledged iOS mobile application for your maximum convenience.

We also bring to your attention the yacht magazine, where we collect useful life hacks and interesting articles on the world of yachting, help choosing a yacht region and analyze routes, take interviews with vivid personalities from the world of yachting. Do YOU want to share your experience and become the author for our magazine? Please, contact us at booking@sailica.com.

For the Russian market, we have launched a catalogue of yacht tours for beginners and tourists, who will be able to choose a ready-made tour among proposals of only the most successful organizers who have passed our strict control.

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Sailica team at the corporate regatta 2018.

Sailica mission

Your requests stipulate our tasks. We seek to create a community of all those who are not indifferent to the world of yachting, where you will be able not only to discuss urgent issues, but also easily find a company for the voyage. And the first step in this direction are our renting yachts services in the "classic" weekly charter format (from Saturday to Saturday). The second one — an indication of rating and reviews of experienced travelers about different destinations and marinas that may prove helpful for you when making your own choice. Silica has many partners, including the well-known TrustPilot, where you can view or leave feedback about the service.

Sailica plans

Soon we will have a catalog of routes coveting popular destinations. Experienced skippers will be able to add new routes. Other users will be able to appreciate it, sharing their advices. Our plans include know-how for the yachting market: a tool that will allow individual companies cooperating for the joint rental of a yacht (the so-called ‘Yacht sharing’).

Founders of Sailica

Solar Digital and Stark Shipping are the founders of Sailica.

The first one has an impressive experience in the major IT projects development, introduction to the global market and startup, and the second one possesses a long-term expertise of the marine transport shipping and chartering. We have combined our diverse experience and a common passion for the beloved business – yachting — in order to create a modern and innovative product, which the industry is deficient in.

Welcome aboard!