About us

We are yacht people, the community of sailing lovers and enjoy everything about it.

As crazy about yacht as we are, we take every opportunity to appreciate the sailing moments. What we come across quite often is a huge pain with booking yachts online. So, we made a commitment to change this unfortunate experience for all the yachting enthusiasts out there.

Realizing all the issues with renting a yacht online, we have developed the service that makes the process easy and intuitively understandable. What it does it leads you from the very beginning of the idea to book a yacht to the vacation of your dreams and the unforgettable sailing adventure anywhere in the world.

Feel free to try it and you will see that it takes a minimum of your efforts to book a yacht online. In no time you will find the yacht best suitable for you, regarding the sailing experience, destination and plans on how to spend the trip.

If you have never sailed before, you can choose from plenty of the captained boats. Sailica works with experienced skippers only to make your yachting vacation safe and as pleasant as possible.

We are crazy about yacht and realize that our goal would not be complete with the perfect online experience only. Sailica is much more than the automated service. We value the people interacting with our company the highest and that’s why there are real experts behind Sailica online presence ready to help you any time. You can now pay for your yacht booking through the online system or contact our manager who will be glad to do it for you.

Now, come on-board and experience the best yachting adventure with Sailica!