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Hire a yacht in Martinique in our mobile application or on the Sailica website. The procedure of the yacht rental is simple and quick. The key point is to decide which yacht to lease on Martinique. Sailica consultants are always ready to help you to make your choice.

Yacht rental on Martinique

Martinique is a volcanic island on the Caribbean. Here, Le Marin, the largest marina in the region, is situated. It has 750 places for yachts. This is a safe marina, located in a deep bay. Around Le Marin, there are a lot of places where it is possible to anchor, for example, Santa Anna. Most of the convenient anchorages, used by the charter yachts, are located on the southern coast, the navigable harbors — on the western one.

There is one International Airport — Aime Cesaire in Fort-de-France.

Navigation week, catamaran regatta, Easter regatta, Yole Boat Race and dozens of other yachting competitions are held annually. It also makes the demand for the yacht leasing on Martinique grow.

Martinique Routes

You could go to the north, to Antigua, to the south, to the Grenadines, or devote the time to the island itself like in the yacht cruise in the example:

  • Le Marin — Rodney Bay — Soufriere — St. Vincent — Bequia — Mustique — Le Marin.

Perhaps, we did not describe everything you would like to know about the yacht charter on the Caribbean Islands. Please, submit an online application. We will contact you, answer the questions, and help to arrange a yacht trip.

Le Marin
64 yachts
64 yachts
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Best activities in Martinique
  • Historical sights
  • Nature and parks
  • Habitation Clement
  • Chateau Dubuc
  • Ft. St. Louis
  • Bureau du Génie et des Ponts et Chaussées
  • Walking routes
  • Piste de Château Paille
  • Ilet Chevalier
  • La Trace des Caps
  • Parcours de sante
  • Fonds Blancs
  • Presqu'ile de la Caravelle
  • Anse Dufour
  • Les Salines Beach
Martinique - Yacht Charter Sailica
Martinique - Yacht Charter Sailica
Martinique - Yacht Charter Sailica
Airports in Martinique
Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport FDF
Sailing season
All the year round
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All the year round
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The island of Martinique is ideal for lovers of romance and the beauty of small tropical islands. It is washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Martinique has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, there are many hotels (mostly fashionable, so the cost of recreation will be rather big), good roads, developed transport, colorful towns, and settlements. And the most important thing is its amazing nature.