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The boat rental in the Seychelles with Sailica is the best idea for the relaxation in the region. This country, situated opposite to the eastern coast of Africa, seems to be created exactly for the ocean holiday. That is why, the catamaran charter in the Seychelles is so popular. All year round, our company offers the cost of the yacht charter in the Seychelles, that could satisfy anyone. If you are a beginner, the boat charter in the Seychelles with a skipper is available.

Yacht rental in the Seychelles

The ad photos with the little Earth paradises are taken on these islands. The nature here is divine and the number of tourists — limited. It is a long way from Europe, and the local government protects the exclusivity of the place. The Seychelles give the opportunity to have a rest like in no other resort. Many of the sights are unique. The Seychelles are the most ancient oceanic islands and the only ones with the granite origin. Near their coasts, the largest coral atoll on Earth grows. The best way to admire the beauty of the islands is to charter a yacht as the most exotic sights are hidden in the distant corners of the region.

  1. The main nugget of the yacht charter in the Seychelles is the islands, untouched by a human. They could only be reached by a helicopter or a vessel. There are 115 of them, each one is special. On one of the islands, you can walk among thousands of palm trees, on the other — breadfruits, on the third — among many rare parrots, and so on.
  2. The beautiful beaches and the developed water sports infrastructure. The fishing charters in the Seychelles are of the great popularity as the deepest waters of the turquoise Indian Ocean have the visibility of about 30 meters. It allows observing the original underwater vegetation, the sunken ships, and the rare tropical fish. It is the richest fish area in the world with 280 species. It also makes diving an amazing adventure.
  3. The exotic flora and fauna. The charter in the Seychelles bareboat or with a skipper affords you an opportunity to see the creatures that do not live in any other places, for example, the Aldabra giant tortoise, the bulbul (a kind of a nightingale), the black cockatoo, the Coco de Mer palm tree with the record 20 kilogram fruit of the bizarre forms.
  4. The onshore sights are the capital (the spectacular Victoria town with the English streets), the marine park of St. Anne, the Vallee de Mai and coconut grove (the only one in the world) on Praslin, etc.

Must-know about yachting in the Seychelles

The climate is tropical. The Seychelles give bright impressions all year round: in winter and in summer, it is warm here — about 26−29°C. Still, there are the dry and the wet seasons. The first one is cooler: June — September. During the second one (December — March), the chance of rain is higher.

Sailing and tourist seasons last all year round, so the yacht charter in the Seychelles bareboat and with a skipper is possible at any time.

47 yachts
47 yachts
Best activities in Seychelles
  • Diving
  • Yachting
  • Surfing
  • Surfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Windsurfing
  • Natural attractions
  • Beach holiday
  • Water skiing
  • Diving and others
  • Botanical garden
  • Orchid garden
  • Excursions around the islands
  • Coconut plantations and others
  • Water entertainments
Seychelles - Yacht Charter Sailica
Seychelles - Yacht Charter Sailica
Seychelles - Yacht Charter Sailica
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All the year round
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Seychelles attract many tourists with their beaches, warm and clean water of the Indian Ocean, exotic nature, and beautiful coastline. Active development of tourism began not so long ago, so there are not so many luxury hotels. Basically, there are private villas and bungalows, the cost of living in which is lower than in the elite hotels. However, the price of a holiday in Seychelles is quite high.