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Marinas in Hellinikon

Hellinikon is the southern suburb of Athens. Yachtsmen consider the settlement as a worthy alternative to the capital. There is no fuss here, no competition for a place in the marina and no heavy water traffic. What other advantages does the place propose for those who want to rent a motor or sailing yacht?

Yacht recreation features

The town is quite young — it was founded only in 1925. Earlier there were pastures. Therefore, the architecture is modern. One of the most significant objects is the sports complex, built for the 2004 Olympics. The nearest international airport, Eleftherios Venizelos, is in 19 km apart. Charter-ready yachts are moored in the local marina of Agios Kosmas.

To start a trip here is convenient because:

  • you could travel both to the Aegean and to the Ionian seas;
  • it’s a low traffic area with no special difficulties for skippers;
  • the local marina is modern and built for comfort of more than 1000 ships.

The town used to be just a starting point for cruises for a long time. Step by step this part of the coast is transforming into the magnet place for everyone sailing the Saronic Gulf. There is no ancient cultural heritage here, still, it could be seen everywhere in Greece. Instead, the chic hotels, glamorous malls, and restaurants appear. Hellinikon becomes a new destination for luxury tourism.

What do you need to know about renting a yacht in Hellinikon?

You could hire a boat according to standard Greek rental system. The cost of the charter is similar to the average capital prices, but number of ships is less. Therefore, the earlier you make your booking, the more likely you get the desired vessel. Please leave a request for the vessel you like on the site so that we could contact you for the personal consultation.

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