Bahamas: available yachts for rent, bareboat charter

Yacht rent in Bahamas is better to plan on the sailing season. Hire a skipper or choose a bareboat yacht charter service to sail in Bahamas by yourself. Our yacht booking database contains 63 boats starting from 1677 for sailing holidays or for a real trip around the world.

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You could see another side of Bahamas only with boat rental — without noisy tourists or queues, just you, the sun and the sea, or even the ocean. So go rent a yacht, hire a crew, hostess cock skipper (all the staff) or hold a boat's wheel by yourself and get ready for the sailing vacation in Bahamas that you could only imagine!

Frequently asked questions about yacht rent in Bahamas

⛵ When is the boat charter season in the Bahamas?

The high sailing and bareboat season in the Bahamas lasts from December to May. It is also warm here in the rest of the year, but with the possibilities of strong winds, precipitation and storms. Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Especially from August to October, when hurricanes are possible in the Bahamas.

⛵ Do I need a visa to rent a boat in the Bahamas?

No, you don’t need any visa in the Bahamas for bareboat. Just like in the other independent Caribbean countries.

⛵ Where can I find and book a boat charter in the Bahamas?

Marsh Harbor is one of the largest Bahamian cities. From here, you’ll get to any remote island in the Bahamas. The town has a wide choice of marinas, yachts and catamarans, restaurants and shops.

⛵ The best airport for boat charter in the Bahamas?

The country's international airport is in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. It is located on New Providence Island. From here, you can fly to Marsh Harbor, the main Bahamian sailing centre.