Crete: perfect place for sailing

Best sailing areas in Crete. Sailing routes, weather and wind details, facts about region and important details to sail in Crete.

Sailing trip in Crete

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Yachting in Crete

The largest Greece island in the Mediterranean Sea, Crete is one of more than 2000 Greek islands and a star of Dodecanese archipelago. Local residents connect with other islands and with the mainland mainly by sea. Yachting in Crete is not leisure but a lifestyle.

Crete is washed by three seas: Aegean, Libyan and Cretan. The island locates aside the most popular yachting routes in this region, but the yachting infrastructure in Crete is perfect. Several large marinas and numerous offshore moorings provide the opportunities to enrich your leisure: enjoy the beautiful rocky shores, swim on desert distant beaches, call at one of the local ports to buy the souvenirs or to look at the artifacts of legendary Minoan culture.

Sailing in Crete

The mild climate of the Crete is perfect for all-year-round sailing. Even in winter, the average temperature is +16°C. However, the best and the most active time for sailing in Crete is a period from April till November. This time is good not only for sailing but also for music concerts, beach rest, gastronomy tourism, and other kinds of leisure that attracts both sailors and land-based tourists. August and September are the most extreme months, because in this period Meltemi, the dry wind from the North, blows frequently. Meltemi can rise the waves up to 5−6 balls. Sailing in the period of Meltemi is risky, so only the experienced extreme lovers do this.

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