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Marinas in Preveza

Preveza is a small town in the west of mainland Greece. It is located at the entrance to the Gulf of Avramikos. This city is the capital of the Nome (prefecture) of the same name. Preveza stands on the site of Nikopol (a large military fort). It was built by the emperor Octavian Augustus after the victory over the fleet of Antony and Cleopatra at Aktion.


In ancient times, Preveza served as the starting point for shipments across the Ionian Sea. Now it is a convenient tourist base for yachting.

Sailing season
May — September
Travel season
May — October
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Main facts about region

Telephone code:
+30 26820
UTC+2, in summer UTC+3
Euro (EUR)

Sailing trip in Preveza

Yachting in the Preveza region is suitable for beginners. There are no strong winds and excellent visibility and the marinas are well maintained. For mooring try the Marina: Preveza, Cleopatra, Ionian, Aktio Marine. The marinas have yacht shops, supermarkets, cafés, and restaurants.  


There are many attractions in Preveza. We recommend seeing the fortified castles of Buka, Laskar, Pantokrator, the Archaeological Museum of Nikopol (5 km north of Preveza), the Museum of Church Art. Be sure to see the Villages of Parga, Filippiada, Lygia. 


In July-August, within the framework of the Nikopol Festival, the Balkan Festival of Folk Dance and Music is held. The International Choir Festival (first decade of July and first Sunday of July) is also held right there. At the end of August, on Sardine Day, guests are treated to wine and fried fish. 


In addition to sardines, we recommend you try the local delicacy avgotarajo. The appetizer is mullet caviar salted and sun-dried. It is wrapped in a wax film in the form of cylinders. The price for caviar prepared in this way reaches 600 EUR per kilogram. This makes Avgotarajo the most expensive dish in Greece.


Preveza is famous for its unique beaches. We recommend swimming at Kiani Akti, Psataki, and Agioi Apostoli in the Gulf of Amvrakikos. On the Ionian side, there are beaches: Alonaki, Kalamitsi, Mitikas and Monolithi. There are pebbles as a cover, and sea urchins live among the stones. We recommend swimming from a yacht or wearing sandals. 

Preveza - Yacht Charter Sailica
Preveza - Yacht Charter Sailica
Preveza - Yacht Charter Sailica

Yacht routes in Preveza

Preveza Region is located at the entrance to a large inner bay. Ambrakikos Gulf is located on the Ionian coast of Greece, five miles northeast of Lefkada Town and at the northern entrance to the Lefkada Canal. The bay is entered through a half-mile-long canal. There are two routes from Preveza: north, through the islands of Corfu, Parge, and Paxi, or south, through Lefkada, Meganissi and Kefalonia. 

Route for 6 days (122 nautical miles): 

  • Preveza — Kalamos — Ithaca — Kefolonia — Sivota — Fr. Meganisi — Preveza

Preveza Marina
52 yachts
Preveza Main Port
35 yachts
Cleopatra Marina
14 yachts

Yachting season and weather in Preveza

The temperature in Preveza is + 20 °C during the day and + 15 °C at night. The warmest weather is in July, August, and September. It rains in January, February, March.


In summer, the wind blows from the north and rarely reaches a strength of 5 points. Calm and breezes await yachtsmen at this time, guaranteeing calm transitions from island to island in the waters of the Ionian Sea.


In winter, there is no such thing as prevailing wind, and winds blow from the mountains in the north or from the tropical south.

Water temperature in sailing season +20...+24°
Air temperature in sailing season +25...+38 °
Wind speed in sailing season 10−20 knots

Weather forecast for yachting in Preveza

An up-to-date weather forecast is provided at the Preveza marinas. It can also be found through the following resources:

  • — an accurate weather forecast website for yachting in the Greek region;
  • windy is the most progressive and updated website and mobile weather forecast application for sailors;
  • windfinder is a service for tracking winds, viewing water and air temperatures.