Book a skippered yacht charter or private bareboat in Seychelles

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Frequently asked questions about yacht rent in Seychelles

When is the boat charter season in Seychelles?

The season in Seychelles lasts all year long. But it can be divided into two categories: dry and wet. The dry season is cooler and lasts from June to September. The rainy season lasts from December to March, but you can also rent a boat here at this time.

Do I need a visa to rent a boat in Seychelles?

All foreigners with a passport, tickets and a booked hotel don’t need a visa in Seychelles. The entry period is up to 3 months.

Where can I find a boat charter in Seychelles?

Boats for rent in Seychelles are available on just one island: Mahe, with Victoria capital city. There is an international airport near the capital, so you will spend a minimum time searching for a boat charter.

The best airport for boat charter in Seychelles?

Seychelles International Airport is located on Mahe Island, near the capital of the islands, Victoria. Here you will find a boat for rent and start a boat vacation.