Madeira: perfect place for sailing

Best sailing areas in Madeira. Sailing routes, weather and wind details, facts about region and important details to sail in Madeira.

Sailing trip in Madeira

Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic between the Azores and the Canaries. There are two inhabited islands - Porto Santo and Madeira. There are five marines here, and the new moorings are being constructed in Funchal.


Yachtsmen, who search for a yacht rental in Madeira, often plan to sail around the island or use it as a start before crossing the Atlantic. And you can sail all year round because of a warm climate. Yacht charters in Madeira and in neighbouring Porto Santo are very popular,  you need to book a boat in at least in six months before the journey.

Sailing season
All the year round
Travel season
All the year round
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Main facts about region

Telephone code:
+351 (291)
UTC+0, in summer UTC+1
Euro (EUR)

Yacht Charter Madeira

There is a notable international airport on Madeira. Half of its runway stands on on high 50 m concrete pillars. From here, planes fly from all over Europe.

Holidays in Madeira

Carnivals and the Columbus Festival are held here. And in late September hundreds of yachts enthusiasts arrive here from Madeira 950 regatta starting in Livorno, Italy.


The yacht route on Madeira can be formed with several short passages with anchorages in different bays.

What to do on the beach:

  • Walk through residential, non-tourist villages. Find banana and reed plantations with white houses and red roofs.
  • Try Madeira cuisine. Locals fry black sabre fish here, which can be found in the local waters only.
  • Relax on the beach. There is only one natural beach with dark brown volcanic sand and two artificial ones with sand from the Sahara.
  • Visit the Se Cathedral in the city of Funchal. The walls of the cathedral are made from frozen lava, and ivory inlay is on the ceiling.
  • Go to the food market in Funchal. The fish section is especially fascinating: there's a lot of seafood there.
  • Boat rental prices in Madeira will be significantly lower if you book in advance. Leave a request for the selected boat on our website. You will be contacted by a Sailica manager who will answer all your questions and help you in organizing your trip.
Madeira - Yacht Charter Sailica
Madeira - Yacht Charter Sailica
Madeira - Yacht Charter Sailica
Madeira - Yacht Charter Sailica

Sailing routes on Madeira

Here is an example of a 7-day sailing yacht route in Madeira:

  • Canisal — Funchal — Calheta — Porto Santo — Ilyas Desertas — Santa Cruz — Canisal

On this route, you will visit the oldest town on the island — Kanisal. You will see the botanical garden «Jardim-Botanica» in Funchal's town, walk on the sand brought from Morocco for the Calheta beaches. On the Madeira travel itinerary, you will visit Vila Baleira, where Christopher Columbus himself lived for several years.

Available yachts in the region

1790 €
per week
33 ft
Built in
2889 €
per week
41 ft
Built in

Yachting season and weather in Madeira

Best time to travel to Madeira — all year round due to the mild subtropical climate. It rains in winter, from November to February. The air temperature is stable, but in winter, it sometimes drops slightly below + 20 ° С. The Madeira water temperature, even in winter, is above + 20 ° С.


In Madeira, the north-east wind usually blows. Its speed can reach 25 knots. The islands have a slightly milder climate than the Canary Islands due to the Gulf Stream's influence.

Water temperature in sailing season +21...+23 °
Air temperature in sailing season +21...+26 °
Wind speed in sailing season 15 - 20 knots

Weather forecast for yachting in Madeira

For a more accurate weather forecast in Madeira, use resources:

  • Madeira-web — Madeira's official guide website, precise weather forecast;

  • — precise weather data, satellite imagery, cloud cover;

  • weather — a site with accurate synoptic data;

  • windfinder — a service for tracking tradewinds Madeira, viewing water and air temperatures.