Sailing vacation in Antigua and Barbuda

Best places and routes to sail in region. Weather, trade winds and important details for perfect sailing holidays in Antigua and Barbuda.

Sailing trip in Antigua and Barbuda

Boat rental on the Antigua and Barbuda islands has become convenient with the Sailica website. You can compare boat rental prices on Antigua and Barbuda, search for bareboat charter or hire a skipper for local waters. If necessary, we will tell you about all the nuances of a yacht charter on Antigua and Barbuda.

How to get

Antigua International Airport accepts flights from the following countries: Canada (Toronto, Montreal), USA (Miami, New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, Newark), Italy (Milan), United Kingdom (London, Manchester), as well as from many islands in the Caribbean region.

Climate: tropical.
Sailing season: from December to June.
Rain season: September-November. It is not recommended to go on a yacht from July to November because of hurricanes in the area.
Communication language: English.
Visa: citizens of 105 countries (including the United States, most EU countries and the former USSR) can enter here without a visa for a period of 3 months to six months. The rest can be submitted to an electronic visa without contacting the embassy.

Sailing routes in Antigua and Barbuda

People wishing to explore local waters combine swimming with neighbouring St. Kitts and Nevis islands. But the Antigua and Barbuda islands are more than enough to enjoy a holiday on a sailing yacht. To get started, you can book a catamaran rental and go on a trip to Antigua in the company of sea turtles, dolphins and frigate birds. Diving and sunny beaches are included.

The route to Antigua and Barbuda, 7 days: English Harbour — Freeman Bay — Green Island — Jolly Harbor — Dickenson Bay — Carlisle Bay / Morris Bay — English Harbour

Sailing nuances on Antigua and Barbuda

  • The infrastructure of Barbuda Island was completely destroyed by Hurricane Irma in September 2017. It is recommended to go there with full supplies of food, water and fuel: so far you’ll find nothing of this on the island
  • It is difficult to navigate in the Barbuda waters, and few people sail here. However, local beaches and colonies of seabirds deserve attention
  • English Harbour is known as one of the most beautiful ports in the world with a full range of services and marinas. The only minus is clearance bureaucracy
  • The peak season in these waters is in April and May. This is the time of cruises and the annual regatta, ports can be crowded
  • Travellers note the very high cost of medical services combined with low-quality performance. They even recommend swimming to the neighbouring islands for help
  • When registering a crew, each child under the age of 15 years is charged an additional fee of $75. Considering that for a boat crewed with adults you only need to pay $70, this can flatten your wallet
  • The best anchorage places on Antigua are Falmouth and Jolie Harbor.

Antigua and Barbuda Festivals

  • February — the day of Vadadiya, a local culture festival
  • Easter — an international kite festival symbolizing the beginning of spring.
  • April — the annual seafood festival. In addition to local cuisine, you can take part in a competition for fishermen or mango eaters.
  • April-May — Antigua’s annual sailing week at the junction of the months. You can rent a charter boat on Antigua and take part in an event that has been held since 1967.
  • August — the annual national carnival in honour of the slavery abolition
  • November — cricket festival
  • November — Independence Day (1st day of the month). Here it is celebrated for 2 weeks with parades, music and fairs.
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