Sailing holidays near Saint Martin

Best places and sailing routes for your sailing trip near Saint Martin. Sailing season details, trade winds and everything you need for perfect sailing holidays.

Marinas in Saint Martin

It is easy to find a yacht charter in Saint Martin with the Sailica company. We will inform you about boat rental prices in the Caribbean region, help you to plan a route and notify you about the nuances of sailing in local waters. Yacht rentals are available at hot prices even in high season on our website. You can additionally hire a skipper for an upcoming voyage or take a bareboat charter.

How to get

The airport in the French part of the island handles regional flights from the Caribbean. While the airport located on the territory of Sint Maarten, the Dutch region, is international. Airplanes fly there from the USA, Canada, France and the Netherlands. The sad fact is, it’s situated on the territory belonging to the Netherlands — and you need to get a visa there, too.
By the way, Princess Juliana International Airport (Sint Maarten) is considered to be unique. Planes here take off and land right above the heads of the people resting on the local beach. Those who want a photo with the plane near to them can start searching for catamaran charter in Saint Martin.

Climate: tropical.
Sailing season: from December to April.
Rain season: July-November. During this period there may be hurricanes in addition to intense rainfall. One of them, Irma, had destroyed almost the entire infrastructure of the island in September 2017.
Language of communication: French. English is well known to everyone here.
Visa: Saint Martin is the French territory. If your passport allows you to enter France without a visa, you can get here, too.

Sailing routes from Saint Martin

Saint Martin’s land is poor for resources, and the most profitable business is tourism. It is easy to find a boat rental in Saint Martin and start a journey to the nearby islands. Travelers on sailing yachts usually visit a couple of local towns with tasty French cuisine and special architecture.

Route from Saint Martin, 7 days: Marigot Bay (Saint Martin) — Road Bay (Anguilla) — Anse de Colombier (Saint Barts) — Crocus Bay (Anguilla) — Orient Bay (Saint Martin) — Gustavia (Saint Barts) — Philipsburg (Saint Martin) — Marigot Bay (Saint Martin).

Sailing in Saint Martin

  • There may be petty thefts, so don’t leave valuable things on the beach and on the yacht unattended. Also, try not to leave the boat for a long time
  • There are no drinking sources on the island, and the water is desalinated. So, don’t be surprised at the desalination markup: about $ 0.15 per gallon (3.78 L)
  • There is fuel in Anse Marcel, Marigot Bay, Oyster Pond and in the Simpson Bay marinas
  • Marina Captain Olivers in Oyster Pond is actually located on the territory of Sint Maarten. Here lies the border between two states
  • Small yellow buoys mark sunken boats. There are a lot of them here after Hurricane Irma in 2017, so be careful

Saint Martin Festivals

  • Regatta Heineken. A world-class race takes place here every year in March. It lasts 4 days
  • Carnival. It starts in mid-April and lasts 3 weeks. It is celebrated on the whole island, regardless of the state. Although the parade still takes place in the Dutch part
  • Grand Case Festival. It takes place in honor of the liberation from slavery on July 21
  • Race Course de l’Alliance is another boat race that takes place in November. If you wish, you can find a charter boat in Saint Martin and participate there yourself

Saint Martin is the island in the Caribbean Sea in northern East Caribbean islands. A northern part of the island is overseas community of France Saint Martin, southern is the self-governed state with considerable autonomy Sint Maarten The Kingdom of the Netherlands. The administrative center of the Netherlands part of the island is the city of Philipsburg, and the administrative center of the French part is the city of Marigot.

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Airports in Saint Martin

Princess Juliana International Airport SXM

In a tropical climate such as that of the Saint Martin, that is why during the whole year dry and warm weather dominates here. During a summer season daytime temperatures range +27 … +32 °C, and in the winter the temperature never is lower than +24 … +25 °C.