Sailing vacation in French St Martin

Best places and routes to sail in region. Weather, trade winds and important details for perfect sailing holidays in French St Martin.

Sailing trip in French St Martin

Yachts rent in Saint Martin is a popular tourist’s pleasure. You can explore the beauty of the coast, fish or dive with aqualung, take a footage of the underwater world. Don’t miss it, choose your boat on our site. The main marinas of the island are Anse Marcel and Orient Bay. Both provide services for the rent, repair, and cleaning of motor and sailing vessels. The distance between the marinas is only 5 nautical miles. The rent price is often quite acceptable.

The international air harbor is on the Dutch territory. Public transport is represented by minivans. The price is very democratic, you can get to any resort of both parts of the island. Taxi, on the contrary, is expensive. Many people prefer renting a car.

Saint-Martin Island is in the basin of the Caribbean Sea and is divided into the northern (overseas French community) and the southern parts (the Dutch community). However, the borders are rather conventional, and the island is imbued with an atmosphere of calm and harmony.

Sailing season
All the year round
Travel season
All the year round
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French St Martin - Yacht Charter Sailica
French St Martin - Yacht Charter Sailica
French St Martin - Yacht Charter Sailica

Nearest Airports

Princess Juliana International Airport SXM
Grand Case-Espérance Airport SFG

The climate is tropical. The whole year the temperature is about 23−30 degrees above zero. Precipitation is most frequent in autumn, least frequent — at the end of winter and until April.