Sailing holidays near Road Town

Best places and sailing routes for your sailing trip near Road Town. Sailing season details, trade winds and everything you need for perfect sailing holidays.

Marinas in Road Town

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Why is sailing yacht rental so popular in Road Town

Road Town is the capital of the British Virgin Islands on the Tortola island. That’s why it is considered to be the local tourism centre and a paradise for yacht rentals. The port itself is divided into many small marinas and moorings. The catamaran rental in Road Town is not a problem even at high tourist season.

How to get

Visitors enter the city from the airport on Beef Island (connected with the bridge to Tortola). Planes fly here from all the Caribbean islands, in particular from Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and St. Thomas where planes from other countries arrive. After the arrival, you may use bus or taxi service. Also, there are many ferries from different islands in Road Town Harbour in case you don’t want to fly anymore.

Climate: tropical.
Sailing season: from December to April.
Rainy season: June-November. Hurricanes can happen at this time here. In September 2017 hurricane Irma had hugely damaged the island which can still be seen.
Language of communication: English.
Visa: the British Virgin Islands require a particular visa. You can get it at the British Embassy, regardless of whether you have a British visa or not.

Sailing routes from Road Town

You can travel to any point in the British Virgin Islands from Road Town. And if you have visas from other states, even beyond. Most routes bypass the island of Tortola, regardless of islands you visit during your voyage. Here is one of the most bright options for a vacation.

7 days route from Road Town: Road Town — Norman Island — Peter Island — Dead Chest Island — Salt Island — Cooper Island — Ginger Island — Brandy Wine Bay — Road Town

Sights in Road Town

Despite the fact that the guidebooks recommend choosing the charter boat in Road Town and set sail, the city itself is something to see. There are old buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries, parks, several museums, restaurants and cafes. It won’t take more than a day to walk here for all these buildings are conveniently located in the centre of the bay.

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