Sailing vacation in Guadaloupe

Best places and routes to sail in region. Weather, trade winds and important details for perfect sailing holidays in Guadaloupe.

Sailing trip in Guadaloupe

To charter a boat in Guadeloupe with Sailica means to enjoy the European service and to feel the flavor of the French-African cultural mix. Among the numerous routes, we could help you to choose the perfect one, taking into account all the details of the yacht charter in Guadeloupe. We have the variants both for the experienced yachtsmen and for the beginners, who could charter a boat in Guadeloupe with a skipper. Even in the peak season, we offer discounts and affordable boat rental prices in Guadeloupe.

Yacht rental in Guadeloupe

The Europeans made the exciting voyages around Guadeloupe hundreds of years ago. Till now, the holiday on a sailing yacht here is considered to be one of the best and the most interesting in the world. Why?

  1. The main local attraction is the untouched exuberant nature. Still, it is true, that the French upgraded the local landscapes during the colonization period. So, there should be no fear of the exotic diseases and wild dangers. West Guadeloupe pleases the tourists with the impetuous waterfalls, the cascades of mountain rivers, the National Biosphere Reserve from the UNESCO’s list, etc. In the eastern part of the country, there are civil resorts.
  2. The conditions for the yacht rentals are ideal. The picturesque views and the turquoise waters attract a yachtsman first. The modern technical service is in the second place. It includes the developed infrastructure, numerous marinas, fuel docks, and anchorages, situated even in the remote places.
  3. The conditions for diving and fishing are unique. The marine ecosystem is rich and special like no other in the world. If you charter a yacht in Guadeloupe, you could enjoy the sun with dolphins fooling around in the water. The yachtsmen could admire the stunning coral reefs, the flying fish, the skates, etc.
  4. The main cultural sights are the museum of rum, the fort Saint-Charles, the rocky maze Parc des Roches Gravees, the Cousteau’s Underwater Reserve, etc.

Must-know about yachting in Guadeloupe

The climate is trade-wind tropical.

The season of tropical cyclones and hurricanes lasts from July to November.

The sailing and tourist seasons begin in December and end in May. At this time, the average air temperature is about +25°C, the water temperature is the same. The period is ideal for the yacht charter in Guadeloupe as the northeastern and eastern trade winds blow at a speed of 10−20 knots.

Guadeloupe Routes

The local waters are considered perfect for the experienced yachtsmen. For example, among the skippers, who charter a boat in Guadeloupe, a route along the Atlantic coast, running near the Pointe de Chateau peninsula with its large dangerous waves and coral reefs, is popular. Still, there are also very easy routes. For example, the beginners could make a voyage around the Caribbean Sea. Here, the waves are calm, and the wind is quiet.

French Guadeloupe is widely known in narrow circles of tourists. The fans of exotic nature, an interesting local coloring, and a great sea come here. And all these things you get at an affordable price.

Sailing season
December — May
Travel season
December — May
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Guadaloupe - Yacht Charter Sailica
Guadaloupe - Yacht Charter Sailica
Guadaloupe - Yacht Charter Sailica

Nearest Airports

Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport PTP
Marie-Galante Airport GBJ
Saint-François Airport SFC

The climate is tropical. There are no sharp changes in temperature. On the average, there are about 25−27 degrees above zero. Rains begin in July, ending in November, the rest months are the height of the holiday season.