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Best places and sailing routes for your sailing trip near Le Marin. Sailing season details, trade winds and everything you need for perfect sailing holidays.

Marinas in Le Marin

It is easy to find boat rental in Le Marin with the Sailica company. Here you can see the boat rental prices in Le Marin and find bareboat discounts even in high season. Our manager will tell you about possible routes and nuances of yacht rentals in local waters. You can also hire a skipper for an extra price.

Yacht Charter in Le Marin

The local marina has 850 berths and 100 buoys. That makes Le Marin the largest marina not only in Martinique but in the whole south of the Caribbean Sea. The bay crashes deep into the island and the boats are well protected here even during the hurricane period. That is why sailing yacht or catamaran charters in Le Marin are so popular.

How to get

Tourists usually get here via Aime Cesaire Airport in Port-de-France, capital of Martinique. You can easily reach Le Marin by road from here. Planes fly to Port-de-France from other Caribbean islands, as well as from Canada (Montreal, Toronto), France (Paris, Cayenne, Bordeaux, Brest, Lille, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse), USA (Miami), Germany (Frankfurt), Brazil (Manaus, São Paulo).

Climate: tropical.
Sailing season: from December to April.
Rain season: July-November. Hurricanes are also frequent here at this time.
Language of communication: French.
Visa: Martinique is a French territory and if your passport allows you to enter France without a visa, you can also get to Le Marin with no problem. Schengen visa owners are an exception, learn about conditions for them on the embassy website.

Le Marin sailing routes

Due to its good protection and well-developed infrastructure, Le Marin is considered one of the best destinations for sailing. You can always find a catamaran rental in Le Marin and go in search of adventure to the nearest islands. One of the best local routes covers the islands of four states.

The route to the islands from Le Marin, 7 days: Le Marin (Martinique) — Rodney Bay (St. Lucia) — Pythons (Saint Lucia) — Wallilabou Bay (St. Vincent) — Admiralty Bay (St. Vincent) — Tobago Cays (The Grenadines) — Petit Byahaut (St. Vincent) — Marigot Bay (St. Lucia) — St. Anne Bay (Martinique) — Le Marin

Anchorages in St. George’s

  • The approach to the Cul-de-Sac du Marin lagoon can be difficult to navigate, as the channel skirts reefs and sandbanks
  • Baie des Cyclones (14°27'23' 'N 61°52'6'' W) is a well-secured anchorage
  • St Anne (14°26'6'' N 61°53'14'' W) — is not so well protected anchorage because it is located outside the bay. But it is always available due to its large size. From here you can take a bus to Le Marin for food.
  • Est and Ouest (14°28'48' 'N 61°52'6'' W) is the anchorage closest to services. Most likely to be busy.
  • Every year more and more mooring balls are being installed next to Le Marin and you can stay there
  • The staff of the marina speaks English and French well. Water is more expensive than usuall, Wi-Fi is charged separately, electricity is included in the price.
  • Do not leave valuable things on board and in the dinghy. The security pays little attention to thefts happening in the bay.

Le Marin Festivals

Le Marin celebrates all year round. After the Epifanie holiday in January, a carnival takes place in Le Marin. In February, there is a three-day regatta for everyone, so you can find a charter boat in Le Marin to take part in it. In May and June Banana and Pineapple Festivals are held here, and in July the Sugar Cane Festival takes place. Finally, in July and August, the Le Tour de la Martinique des Yoles Rondes regatta runs on the island using traditional island boats, yoles.

The City and Le-Marín's municipality is situated in the southeast of the island of Martinique, at the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The historic center of Le-Marin is located on the bank of a deeply crashing bay .

Sailing season
November — April
Travel season
All the year round
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Le Marin - Yacht Charter Sailica
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Airports in Le Marin

Fort-de-France Airport FDF

Yachting season lasts during all summer and end closer to the early autumn. The warm sun, cool wind and water which warms up to +23C create ideal conditions for yachting.

Water temperature in sailing season +20...+23 °
Air temperature in sailing season +25...+30 °
Wind speed in sailing season 15 - 25 knots