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Main destinations in Italy for a yacht trip Main destinations in Italy for a yacht trip
Charter December 2, 2019

Main destinations in Italy for a yacht trip

Italy is one of the most significant destinations for tourism in Europe. That’s why so many people want to visit this country with such a rich history background, tasty cuisine and amazing nature.


It is the biggest island in the Mediterranean sea which also has the biggest volcano in Europe, Ethna. Coasts of Sicily mostly consist of beaches and picturesque rocks which are best seen from the boat.


Elba is the famous island in Tuscan archipelago famous mainly for Napoleon who spent some time here in exile. Besides that, Elba is known for its winery. Medici ramparts, the former defense of the Portoferraio town, have awesome view from the seaside.


Sardinia is the second in Italy by its size. It attracts diving enthusiasts (near Villasimius town), medieval lovers (Alghero with seven beautiful towers) and charming islands admirers (Maddalena archipelago). The wind in local lagoons is perfect for yacht or catamaran sailing.


Ischia is remarkable for its thermal springs, the main of them is thermal park Edem’s Gardens. Here, you can even find some heyzers. Park shores are, in fact, a huge basin for relaxation.


Volcanic island Lipari in the Tyrrhenian sea has a very long history. First settlers appeared here in Neolithic age. Visitors should pay attention to the main city, which is called Lipari too. Other sightseeings include Canneto village with ancient stone-pits dug out in the volcanic grounds. Local beaches are superb, if you plan a yacht rest in Italy, plan to sail here for at least a couple of hours.

Cinque Terre

This name means no big bustling city but five small holiday towns built on rocks along seashore. Some of them you can visit by water only. Gardens and terraces with turquoise bay views give you a wink: don’t sail away, stay with us.


Once upon a time this town was a small village. Now, it is a tourist centre with restaurants and souvenir shops. From the local viewpoint you can see all the city with marina where your sailboat or catamaran has recently boarded.


Tremiti islands have plenty of sea grottos with rare fishes and turtles inhabiting them. The Vieste itself is a local fishing town where life quickens in the heat of the night. Time is frozen in this town. Sail here — and you’ll arrive to some old Italian movie with narrow streets, small church and charismatic local people.

Dmytro Mamontov
Dmytro Mamontov
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