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Best places for yacht vacation in Greece Best places for yacht vacation in Greece
Charter April 3, 2020

Best places for yacht vacation in Greece

Greece is one of historic centres in Europe, a foundation for many modern cultures. Sailing trip in Greece with children or without them may become a pleasant holidays spent at the sea with informative cultural guide tours.


Hydra (Ύδρα) is an ancient pirate island with even a pirate museum on it. It has two main peculiarities. First one is the impregnable fortress with cannons left over from the struggle for independence. Else, there is no mechanical transport allowed on an island, donkeys only.


It was called “Pine island” in ancient times, and even nowadays forest covers part of its land. Spetses is famous for John Fowles which taught English students in the local school. Both novels “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” and “The Magus” take action on Spetses.


The legend says, Poros first belonged to Poseidon, god of seas, from which here remain ruins of temple nowadays. The charming Poros town stands on two strait shores with sea taxis running between them. You can also climb the local mountain and enjoy the view from the top while sitting near a beautiful small church.


Kythnos is famous for its sandy beaches (usually in Greece they consist of pebbles), caves and a hot spring. And tasty Greek cuisine, of course! Every restaurant cooks it in its own way, but all the food is tasty and delicious.


According to the legend, this island supplied gold to all of Ellada. Then, local citizens became greedy and did not share gold with Apollo. The gods became angry and vanished all the gold on Sifnos. Only golden dust in Kamaros beach reminds about those times. You’d better take scooter or open car to ride the island around. And don’t forget to visit Castro, white city contrasting with the blue sea.


Epidavros is now the ruins remained from a big Ancient Greek town with the temple of Asclepius, the god of healing, and huge amphitheatre for 14 thousands spectators having perfect acoustic. The only settlement here nowadays is a small fishing village.


It is the biggest island in Saronic bay. People say, Zeus had once transformed ants on the island to people who inhabited the island. The first ruler here was Ajax, the ancient Greek hero. Besides the dubious pedigree of local settlers, the island has several temple ruins and beautiful views.


This city is more than 3500 years old, and you can count its sights all day long: Acropolis with Parfenon, Zeus Temple, Athenian agora, areopagus, Wind Tower, Adrian’s library, Dionisius theatre… No wonder it was named after Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom.


Active volcano on this island warms up local waters transforming them into thermal springs. You can even climb the volcano itself to get the view from the highest point. Nearby, small island Moni is situated, where tame peacocks and deers live.


Milos, where Venus de Milo was made, draws yachtsmen' attention with unique Kleftiko rocks which can be seen from boat only. Else, the island has bright houses of the Clyma village, white Sarakiniko beaches and colorful volcanic shores Paleochora. It is a real paradise for fotografers!


Meganisi is a resort island with all kinds of amusement: coves, beaches, caves, villages, beautiful sights and stylish cafes, where you really come to understanding what’s a real holiday. The most famous cave is Papanikoli. It is said, the cave is so big, Germans kept here submarine in the WWII.


Legendary Itaka, where Odysseus lived, is a small island with cozy coves loved by everyone sailing here. People say, Odysseus' house stood on a hill in the northern part of an island, near Stavros village. Not far away from it, Nymph cave hides the place where he buried the treasure.


With steep green cliffs slowly diving into the azure depth, Kefalonia is the biggest of the Ionic islands. Rumours are, it is the top place in Greece by the amount of sunny days. Kefalonia also has an picturesque underground lake Melissani and wreckage cove. Here, ship was thrown onto the charming beach not long ago and became the local sightseeing.


Huge Rhodes was once the island where crusaders lived for a long time. Ancient bastion walls remind you about that when you come closer to its shores. In the past, Rhodes more than once held the defence and was even the powerful naval country. In Christ’s times here stayed apostle Paul who was hiding from the storm on the island.


You’d better watch this island from the sea to value its cheerfulness and diversity. Simi has many architectural sights. And those who climb Castro fortress walls can see all this beauty lying below their feet.


People inhabited miniature Tilos 10 000 years ago. It was named after ancient hero who found here rare herbs. The life on Tilos is slow, you learn to enjoy every minute of life and not to hurry.


Poseidon, god of seas and oceans, had created Nisyros. The island has only one active volcano with five craters, choose what you like. Moreover, Nisyros has heyzers, thermal springs and Mandraki, white Greek town selling tomato marmalade.


The stone Astipalea castle was defending local villagers from XIII century. You’ll also find here fruit gardens and wineries, antique baths with ancient mosaic, cave Negro where pirates kept treasures. Yet, everything here breathes peace attracting creative people to these coasts.


Santorini is a world famous island with a volcanic origin. You can find here buildings from different ages, theatres and sanctuaries, business centres and hot springs. And, of course, legendary white buildings contrasting with the blue sea.


Some people say, the legendary poet Homer is buried in the north of this island. It has plenty of old churches, olive groves, wineries and perfect sand beaches. The windmills on the top of the hill add a romantic vibe to these landscapes, as does the medieval venetian fortress on the horizon.


They say, Perseus was born and grew up here. You can explore venetian fortress and enjoy traditional Cycladic architecture: white houses, lush green gardens and cobbled streets. You can also search for a Cyclops cave — perhaps, the same Odysseus was hiding at.

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