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Coronavirus wants to spoil your sailing vacation. What should you do? Coronavirus wants to spoil your sailing vacation. What should you do?
Charter March 9, 2020

Coronavirus wants to spoil your sailing vacation. What should you do?

The coronavirus pandemic provokes quarantines in attractive sailing regions. Even if the news about it can’t stop yacht charter enthusiasts, the closed borders can do that. Some governments may cancel international flights and ruin your long-awaited vacation. Many people are worried about boats booking in this situation. There can be no refunds if you suddenly cancel your booking. How to behave in such a situation?

We’ve written some letters to charter companies about this problem. They are all concerned about the situation and express the hope that this entire quarantine situation will end soon. But everyone has different problem solution. Here are some:

Spartivento Charter

In the event that actual impediments (blocks of the borders, ordinances that force the avoidance of specific areas involved in the vacation or true risk declared by the Health Ministry) would prevent the client from exploiting his charter, Spartivento will provide a “Voucher” corresponding to the amount paid, the client will be able to use on another week in the the be determined in accordance.

Hermes Yachting Team

The charterers will have the possibility to move the dates of their charter with the same boat or other similar one within season 2020 (upon availability in our fleet) or season 2021 by paying any difference if applicable.

In case of moving the charter dates to 2021 season the charter should be fully paid upon written charter date revised agreement.

Croatia Yachting

For all the bookings confirmed during March, the clients will have the possibility to pay only 10% of the charter fee in order to secure the booking and the boat.

The rest of the payment should be done as follows:

40% of the charter fee 60 days prior to embarkation

50% of the charter fee 30 days prior to embarkation


Included the ability to cancel the charter to any boat rental insurance (the higher the insurance amount, the greater the amount of the charter).


We will offer for all the new reservation, at the moment until 31−03−20 (extendable term), free Cancellation without any fee until 15 days before departure.

This free cancellation can be applied only if our area will be listed by our government as a risky destination or if the client is coming from a risky zone, and it is not allowed to land in our country.


If the charterer due to objective reasons (death in family, serious injury, war, due to coronavirus restrictions blocked areas, partial travel warning, quarantine of areas of charter and charterer, etc.) cancels the charter, the already paid amount will not be returned, but the owner will put him the vessel at the disposal in some free period or in the next season.


IonionSails is willing to provide to all our customers who need to cancel because of the circumstances, the possibility to transfer their reservations during the same season or even the following one without any extra charge.

Cruising Charter Sardinia

Cancellation will consist in refunding the received payments or changing the charter dates / balance payments accordingly to availabilities.

Pitter Yachting

From March 4, 2020, to March 31, 2020:

  • You can rent a yacht with only 10% deposit

  • Customers can change their destination and/or charter date free 60 days before the start of the charter

  • Сustomers can cancel yacht vacation if it is associated with a coronavirus — up to 30 days before the journey starts.

Als Buchungsanreiz und mehr Transparenz gelten für alle neuen Buchungen vom 04.03.2020 bis zum 31.03.2020 daher folgende erweiternde Richtlinien:

  • Anzahlung: Im März können ausgewählte Reiseziele mit einer reduzierten Anzahlung von nur 10% gebucht werden.

  • Kostenlose flexible Umbuchungsmöglichkeiten: Bis 60 Tage vor Charterbeginn können unsere Kunden bei Reisebeschränkungen auf Grund des Coronavirus (Covid-19) kostenlos Ihr Reiseziel und/oder das Datum der Charter ändern.

  • Kostenlose Stornierung: Bis zu 30 Tage vor Charterbeginn können unsere Kunden bei Reisebeschränkungen auf Grund des Coronavirus (Covid-19) kostenlos stornieren.

Kiriacoulis Mediterranean

1. For already booked charters it is possible to change your dates, as long as the departure remains in 2020 and the charter area remains the same. If the rescheduled booking is more expensive the price difference will be charged.

2. For future bookings done as from today and until further notice, the required deposit will be 10% and the rest of the booking deposit can be paid up to 30/04/2020.

3. The final payment for current and future bookings can be paid latest one week before the charter departure.

In addition, it will be possible to cancel the charter and a credit note will be issued to the customer to use it for a charter departing at 2021 at the same charter area.

Dream Yacht Charter

With our 60+ bases and 1250 yachts, we can relocate customers with ease if destinations become unavailable for tourism

We have flexible terms — from today, we offer a three-month window from date of booking to change Mediterranean destinations and/or dates (conditions apply)

This month, we are offering a reduced deposit of just 10% on selected destinations

As you can see, all charter companies, in their ways, are trying to cope with changes in yacht charter plans because of the coronavirus. And the result is the same: even if you book a yacht but don’t go anywhere, the trip will most likely postpone to a later period without money loss.

Dmytro Mamontov
Dmytro Mamontov
First Mate

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