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Top Turkish places for yacht sailing Top Turkish places for yacht sailing
TOP January 21, 2020

Top Turkish places for yacht sailing

Turkey is one of the brightest countries for holidays. Here, you meet combination of modern places and historical sights, magnificent nature and reasonable prices.


It is the calmest sailing resort without noisy tourist crowds. The ex-fishing village has developed into luxury settlement in 15 years but has maintain the simple lifestyle. Göcek is famous for its untouched nature. You see it when you watch the whole town from the sea during yacht trip: it is surrounded with neverending green hills and mountains.


It is the largest city in this part or Turkey, but the highest buildings have in average only 5 floors. There are wild forests growing around, couple of ancient tombs behind and a whole ghost city from which all the citizens were relocated in the beginning of XX century.


Marmaris surprisingly combines picturesque quiet coves and noisy city nightlife. In the end of October Marmaris has the most crowded regatta in the region — Marmaris International Race Week.


This city is considered to be one of the prestigious resort, which means prices here are more expensive than in average Turkish cities. That is the reason wealthy people like spending time in Bodrum, such as Hollywood stars or Turkish elite persons.


Voyagers from all over the civilized world have been already visiting this bay 4 thousands years ago! In 395 BC people of Athens prepared here for a battle with Spartans. Long ago, the Ancient Greek Lorima city stood here, now lying in ruins.


Adrasan is a cozy holiday town on the sandy beach with no package tourists in the area. Here you may visit pomegranate gardens and drink pomegranate juice, the cheapest on these shores. Water is clear and the nature with the local mountain behind inspires with its beauty.


Phaselis is actually not a city but a ruins of an ancient Lycian town on the pine covered peninsula. Drop an anchor in the cove behind and visit these ancient paved streets with preserved amphitheatre. And try to imagine how it looked like 2000 years ago.


This large city bustles the whole year around. You can find here many places worth visiting with Duden waterfall falling just into the sea. It’s better to watch it from the yacht board. You can find mooring places in the Kaleici bay near the waterfall.


This warm Turkish resort is not so popular for sailing. But you’ll definitely find here boat rental for a one-day sailing trip. During it, you may enjoy the views of the medieval fortress looking most effective in the evening with the lights burning.


Sand spit with the girl statue is the main sightseeing of this town. The legend tells, she wanted to meet her beloved, and poured more and more sand to get to the other shore. You can repeat her deed, come to the spit’s edge and make a wish to come true.


Datça peninsula separates Mediterranean and Aegean seas from each other. They even have other water colors! Datça is famous for its virgin nature, olive and almond groves, and wild donkeys.


Gemiler island has ruins of ancient Byzantium temples built in V-VI centuries AD. You should ascend the local mountain on arrival. It has a lighthouse and views worth fotografing.


Oludeniz is a holiday village which is popular due to its clear turquoise water and the nearest Babadag mountain. From here, each day dozens of paragliders from all over the world fly to see beautiful surrounding views.


The small Kalkan town has small amount of sights, just some souvenir shops and cafes. But if you come out in the wild nature, you’ll find real jungle around with even lost waterfall on one of the trails. You can ascend and see the whole town from above.


Kas is beloved by tourists, divers and creative people. Old town streets remind you of Greece spirit which which affects even the menu in local restaurants. There’s a Castellorizon island (Meyis) visible from Kas which belongs to Greece. If you wish, can even go on excursion there (of course, if you have Shengen visa).

Kale Koy (Kekova)

Once upon a time this island was connected with the continent and had the whole city on its shores. Then, the earthquake happened and the whole town drowned in the water. Now, you can explore it from your boat. Ancient tombs, warehouses and staircases of luxurious buildings lie below like expositions in an unusual museum.


The Dalyan river connects Koycegiz lake with a sand beach Iztuzu creating a delta which is more likely to a labyrinth. Blue crabs and rare birds are found in the reserve, and giant sea turtles Caretta Caretta lay eggs on these perfect sandy beaches.

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