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Top 10 Best Catamarans for Charter Top 10 Best Catamarans for Charter
TOP May 6, 2021

Top 10 Best Catamarans for Charter

Which catamaran to choose? What parameters should you pay attention to? Modern catamarans are a variety of watercraft. We have compiled the top sailing catamarans and included the best and most popular models from manufacturers from all over the world. Below we offer the top 10 catamarans.

Romance and comfort on a sailing catamaran

For those who want to spend time sailing in comfort without any restrictions, sailing catamarans are ideal. They are massive. But you can even manage these yachts alone without an experienced crew. The sailing catamaran is considered to be a part of sea romance. Compared to powerboats, it allows for more relaxation.

Catamaran in a bay in Turkey

Sailing catamarans in the area resemble a small country house. Therefore, everyone will receive a spacious cabin. There is plenty of outdoor seating for everyone. The sailing catamaran will be an ideal option for long journeys, vacations. On this ship, it rarely gets seasick.

But there are also disadvantages. Compared to monohull yachts, the cost of renting a catamaran is higher. In marina parking, you have to pay more and finding a suitable parking space is very difficult. During the catamaran, you will often have to use the motor.

Catamaran and yacht. Size comparison

For the comparison of catamarans, we chose vessels from 40 to 50 feet with 3−6 cabins. We evaluated them in terms of configuration and various parameters. Many models are similar. Manufacturers try to keep up with each other. Therefore, some catamarans occupy the same rating line or lag, onboard by a small margin. Top catamarans from Sailica:

  1. Saona 47;
  2. Astrea 42;
  3. Sunreef 50\Leopard 50\Dufour 48;
  4. Lucia 40;
  5. Catana 42\Lagoon 40;
  6. Bali 4.1;
  7. Nautitech 40.

Catamarans: luxury, speed, autonomy

All models from our top sailing catamarans are designed for ocean crossings. They have excellent autonomy. There are large tanks of fresh water and fuel. They allow you to skip the marinas for a long time to refuel. The Saona 47 has a 940-liter freshwater tank and a 700-liter fuel tank. An exception is the German Nautitech 40 catamaran. It is limited to a distance of 200 miles from the coast. But for a cruise vacation, this is enough.

Astrea 42 is one of the newest models of catamarans at our top. This is evident in the innovative design.

New for 2020 - catamaran Astrea 42
Catamaran Astrea 42 The

French shipyard Fountaine Pajot launched this yacht in 2018, almost at the same time as the Dufour 48. Both vessels surprised yacht enthusiasts. The designers have placed 5 full cabins and 5 bathrooms in a small area. There is also a skipper’s seat with a separate entrance at the bow. This is a record in our rating!

Layout of the catamaran Dufour 48
Disposition catamaran Dufour 48

There are 3−4 cabins on catamarans. Compared to monohull yachts, there is much more space inside. Each cabin resembles an expensive hotel room.

The fastest catamarans are Catana C42 and Saona 47. They reach speeds of up to 20 knots. They are inferior to Sunreef 50, Lagoon 40, and Dufour 48. Their maximum performance is 10−11 knots. For the rest of the catamarans, the record is kept in the region of 8−9 nautical knots.

All navigation and rigging on sailing catamarans are thought out in such a way that it is easy to operate the boat even alone. The winches are mostly automated and close at hand, close to the helm. Due to the length and lack of visibility, it is more difficult to drive catamarans such as the Sunreef 50, Dufour 48, Saona 47 without a trained crew. Take on a charter a Leopard 50, which any skipper will enjoy (if the budget allows). For beginner captains, it is better to take a 40−42 feet catamaran, the dimensions and motion of which will be easier to feel during maneuvers.

The best catamarans for a big company vacation

A net is stretched between the two hulls in the catamaran. It is convenient to sunbathe and sleep on it above the water. In our presented top of catamarans only on Bali 4.1, the manufacturers decided to abandon this idea. They replaced the mesh with a lounge area with sofas and sun loungers.

Lounge area on catamaran Bali 4.1
Lounge area on catamaran Bali 4.1

Catamarans Astrea 42, Dufour 48 and Saona 47 have more than just a net. Manufacturers have added comfortable loungers here that are easy to adjust. But the first place in equipping a relaxation zone is given to the sailing catamaran Sunreef 50. There is a chic platform with sofas, tables, and hammock nets.

Relax zone on the sailing catamaran Sunreef 50
Relax zone on the sailing catamaran Sunreef 50

Catamarans are often rented for family cruises with children and the elderly. It is convenient to walk on them even while driving, and it is easier to board, go down to the cabins. According to this parameter, the Saona 47 catamaran can be considered ideal. The bathing platform is located so close to the water that there are no obstacles to swimming. But such a device is not available on all catamarans, but only on Dufour 48, Sunreef 50, Saona 47, Leopard 50, and Astrea 42.

If you are going to rent a catamaran for a large company, it is important to pay attention to the number of cabins on board and the spaciousness of open, closed areas to relax. Of the sailing catamarans, up to 42 feet in length, the Lucia 40 and Astrea 42 stand out for their good capacity. These yachts have room for everyone. Galleys with refrigerators are well planned everywhere. The exception is Nautitech Open 40. Ergonomics are not very good here. And the catamaran Bali 4.1 pleasantly surprises. French creators have added a large two-compartment refrigerator to the interior.

Kitchen on the Sunreef 50 Catamaran
Kitchen on the Sunreef 50 Catamaran

Rent of top sailing catamarans

Prices for renting catamarans depend on the season, region, specific model, year, and equipment. As an example, let’s take an off-season charter week in October in the Mediterranean.

The affordable price of Lagoon 400, Nautitech 40, Lucia 40 catamarans makes them the most popular for charter in many countries. The choice of sailing catamarans of this type is quite large, and the price for the October week is from 2200−2500 euros. Having increased the budget to 3,000 euros, you can already choose between the more comfortable Bali 4.1 or the fast Catana C42. The latter model is more common in more exotic countries. Prices for rental of sailing catamarans Saona 47, Astrea 42, Dufour 48 start from 3500 euros per week, but these models are definitely worth their money. For an exclusive vacation on a yacht, you can safely take the Leopard 50. The price of such a catamaran is on average 5000−6000 euros. The most expensive option in our top of the best catamarans is the Sunreef 50 with an average cost of 10,000 euros per week of the charter. During the season, prices for the same models of catamarans increase 2−3 times.

Results of the rating of the best catamarans from Sailica

Below are tables with the main characteristics of catamarans and our assessment of each model on a 5-point scale.

Table with the main characteristics of catamarans.

Catamarans rating table.

Summary table of comparison of catamarans.

Place Mark Points
1 Saona 47 40
2 Astrea 42 38
3 Sunreef 50, Leopard 50, Dufour 48 37
4 Lucia 40 36
5 Catana 42, Lagoon 40 35
6 Bali 4.1 33
7 Nautitech 40 30

The last line in our rating is occupied by the Nautitech 40 catamaran. It loses in terms of ergonomics, design and is limited in technical capabilities. Fifth place at the French catamaran Bali 4.1. For her size and price, this is a well-thought-out yacht that is pleasant and easy to sail.

Fifth place was shared by two catamarans, similar in size, level, and equipment: Catana 42 and Lagoon 40. Catana C42 can move almost 2 times faster but is inferior in comfort and spaciousness. It usually costs more. The Lagoon 40 has a separate skipper cabin. This is true if a hired captain is sailing with you. The fourth-place went to the well-balanced catamaran Lucia 40. place was taken

The third by three models at once: Sunreef 50, Leopard 50, and Dufour 48. They win not only because of their length and width. The yachts are well-equipped. It has a comfortable and large galley, spacious cabins, and plenty of outdoor seating. The Leopard 50 is best suited for solo sailing. It is more expensive than the Dufour 48 but more affordable than the luxurious Sunreef 50.

Astrea 42 confidently took the second position in the top catamarans. This model is one of the newest on our list, therefore it has an innovative design. The catamaran is incredibly spacious and functional.

The Saona 47 catamaran became the undisputed leader. Fast, reliable, stylish, and at the same time affordable. Ideal for both cruise holidays and long sea voyages.

катамаран Saona 47
Top winner — catamaran Saona 47

It’s hard to say which catamaran is better. The choice depends on the region of sailing, the purpose of the trip, the composition of the participants, the budget, and many other factors. Please note that catamarans are rented in different configurations, so a private yacht may differ from a charter one.

Please contact us to get more detailed advice or choose a model for your cruise vacation.

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