Sailing vacation in Germany

Best places and routes to sail in region. Weather, trade winds and important details for perfect sailing holidays in Germany.

Sailing trip in Germany

Yacht rental in Germany is easy with Sailica. There are many yacht routes in Germany, so it’s easy to get confused. If you need help with planning your route and choosing a perfect yacht, contact our consultants. We also keep the price of renting a yacht very affordable.

Yacht rental in Germany

Germany is washed by the North and Baltic Sea and has Danube and Rhine rivers, which makes the country ideal for private yacht charter. Many marinas and routes, catamaran and yacht charter, mild climate and European service are a perfect cocktail for a holiday.

Sailing in Germany is very developed, so here you can rent a sailing or motor yacht, a boat or a real house on the water.

  • Arrival. There are many airports, the largest of which are located in Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Dresden and Tegel.
  • Season. High season for yacht trips lasts almost all year round, but high season is from May to September.
  • Climate. Temperate continental climate with warm winter. In the southern part of the country the climate is marine. If you are planning a long trip, take warm clothes with you. Sometimes the northern coast can unpleasantly surprise you with rains and cool weather.

Routes and Events in Germany

Due to its favorable geographical position, Germany can offer yacht charter for a relaxing holiday on the coast or long journeys to other countries. There are different routes from all ports. One of the popular places is the island of Rügen, which is the sunniest on the coast. The island has many convenient bays and ports, as well as touristic infrastructure. From here you can reach the open sea along a 10-kilometer fairway.

Here are some of the marine events in Germany:

  • Kiel Sailing Week. It takes place on the outskirts of the Kiel city in July. You can see up to 2000 boats and 5000 participants here.
  • Pirate festival Störtebeker-Festspiele in the town of Ralswiek on the shore of Jasmund Bay. The celebration happens in August and allows you to plunge into the pirate world under the auspices of the main pirate of the country — Klaus Störtebeker.
  • If you like music, visit the world-famous Nuremberg Festival, where musicians from every part of Germany and Europe gather annually.

Germany is a country in Western Europe, which is famous for its ancient history, beautiful nature, unique architecture, and cuisine with a touch of local flavor. People come to Germany not for the sake of beach holidays, but in this country everyone will find something to his or her liking. The only disadvantage may be the price of the trip, so it is better to book accommodation and tickets in advance, as with a competent travel planning, its cost can be of the average European level. If the fashionableness of the hotel is not that important it is better to rent a room in a small hostel. They are very clean and cozy in Germany.

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Nearest Airports

Frankfurt Airport FRA
Stuttgart Airport STR
Berlin Tegel Airport TXL

The climate in Germany, depending on the region, is divided into marine (north of the country) and moderately continental. Therefore, the weather is changeable. The average temperature in summer is about 15 degrees in the mountains and 23 degrees in the valleys. In winter the temperature is minus 5 and plus 4, respectively.