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7 best places for yacht vacation 7 best places for yacht vacation
TOP November 7, 2018

7 best places for yacht vacation

For those of you who prefer sailing rather than walking, yacht charter vacations are the best choice for rest and recreation. If you think about it, most of the popular SPA packages involve water, and that’s not by chance, as a shower or a soak in the tub after a long work day brings a sense of relief and comfort. Living in a ‘water' world for a week brings you back home a new person, ready for new battles and conquests. People seeking peace and relaxation get what they want through the meditative influence of sea and surrounded by nature.

Some people believe yachting is a privilege for wealthy people alone and do not bother to ask how much it costs to rent a yacht. In fact, you do not need to be a millionaire to afford a week-long vacation floating on the beautiful and inspirational ocean. While renting an apartment or a hotel room is pretty expensive, you also need to pay extra for transportation, cafes or restaurants, and excursions. Yacht trips are all-inclusive solutions, combining voyages and sightseeing trips and supporting delicious onboard meals of your own making.

When choosing the perfect place for your vacation, keep in mind each region has peculiarities of marine types and their complexity, and terms of renting as well. Below is a brief overview of the most popular spots you can pick.

Croatia Split — A Piece of Medieval History

If you follow the UNESCO World Heritage spots, look for an uninhabited place or simply love natural beauty, Croatia is the right place to visit. If you prefer to stick to the water and enjoy the sea life, you can easily rent a yacht in Croatia and explore its coastline with its natural pearls. While 1,200 islands are strewn over its Dalmatian coast offering deserted and tranquil harbors, medieval cities like Split and Dubrovnik promise unforgettable memories and bright photos. Split is rightfully considered the must-see city in Europe, boasting a harmonious union of historical relics dating back to the Roman Empire, and modern attractions satisfying the most demanding public. Among its numerous sights, you should definitely see Diocletian’s Palace left as a reminder of ancient times (where, by the way, many scenes of Game of Thrones were filmed), and its substructure. You can to take a look at the Salona ruins and many other antiques represented in the Archaeological Museum, admire the Meštrović Gallery, the Cathedral of St Domnius, and the Temple of Jupiter, and walk through the Kils Fortress and Marjan Forest Park. Beaches in Split offer all sorts of entertainment from sophisticated restaurants to noisy cocktail bars inviting you in. Moreover, Split is worth seeing only to appreciate the hospitality of the local people who showing an infectious zest for life, you will remember long after your vacation is over.

Spanish Mallorca — A Gem in the Heart of the Sea

Once Spanish Mallorca was the island-muse for Chopin and Miro. Today, it is the largest provider of astonishing photo memories among the Balearic Islands and a popular spot for noisy spring breaks. Families, traveling with children enjoy Marineland’s dolphin, and sea lion shows, although this is only the tip of an iceberg when it comes to the variety of recreation choices. Charter yacht Mallorca routes are extremely popular for many reasons, but a primary one is the spirited and astoundingly picturesque waterfront. Sailing along the coast, you appreciate the parade of the rugged Serra de Tramuntana cliffs and the paradise of Es Trenc beach. You can hardly believe the amazing views of the famous Port Andratx and Port Soller. Port Andratx is an ideal choice for a slow-paced, quiet vacation, with an appreciation of delicious food in fancy restaurants serving fish for every taste, tasty cocktails in the nearby bars and long evening walks sipping iced latte, and of course, lots of boats and yachts of every size, colour, and shape. This is the perfect place to feel the authentic spirit of Mallorca, thanks to the sparse hotels and specifically tourist spots. Port Soller boasts rich yacht scenery, backed by a mountain landscape. But, unlike Port Andratx, it has a beach and offers more tourist attractions like the wooden train and the Es Port hotel based on the site of the old olive mill. Sailing gives you advantages over a coast vacation as you are able to see the spectacular coves of Cala Marmols, cala s’Almunia, Caló des Moro and Cala Llombards, which are undoubtedly stunning jewels of nature. The National Park of Cabrera is an archipelago comprised of 19 islands you must definitely see as it is one of the most stunning natural parks in Spain. This is where you can see the clearest water of the whole Mediterranean Sea, not to mention the overwhelming nature around you as if caught at the very moment of creation. The list of Mallorca’s gems can go further, but it’s always better to experience them yourselves and keep the warm memories and bright photos until your next trip here.

Mythical Athens — The Foot of Olympus

If you are sailing for the first time, choosing Greece is a wise decision, not only because you can set your foot on the holy ground of ancient Greek gods, but also because of the advantageous position and climatic conditions of this place. The beautiful green islands of the Saronic and Argolic gulfs are protected from devastating winds and rough currents by the south coast of Attica and northern Peloponnese promising tranquility and safety. Since this place is popular for family vacations, numerous yacht charters are available along the coastline. Rent a yacht Greece and start your tour by exploring the most captivating islands around historically famous Athens. If Spanish Mallorca preserves the reminiscence of the Roman Empire, Athens introduces you to the remarkable Greek culture that has left significant imprints on world cultural heritage. Attica offers the best marinas rivaling Monaco’s like Flisvos, Zea, Faliro, Alimos, Glyfada, and Vouliagmeni. If you’re lucky enough to have a full moon during your trip, stay a night under the Temple of Poseidon to appreciate its magnitude and sublimity. Breathe in the pine Poros' odor and relax in the placid, clean waters wrapping the island. Aegina charms you with the coziness and simplicity of its neoclassical buildings, vibrant seafood tavernas, and little restaurants. The temple of Aphaia residing in the peaceful pine wood opens to breathtaking views of the Saronic Gulf and Sounion coast. Hydra is an island with many faces, rocky and steep cliffs surrounding a teeny insular port, taking you to the city of beautiful aristocratic stone mansions dating back to 18th and 19th century, smart boutiques, luring bars, cafes, and restaurants, with no wheeled vehicles anywhere in sight. For many people, Greece is a favorite vacation spot as it has tasty food, turquoise water, beautiful scenery, and nice, clean while architecture making perfect backgrounds for your sea photos.

Italian Sicily — A Burning Glory

There are people who do not need to contemplate where to go for a sailing vacation. They have a certain place in mind, and they remain true to it. Often this place is somewhere in Italy, specifically in Sicily. It is no wonder as Sicily, the largest island of the Mediterranean and the biggest Italian region, opens a well of tourist opportunities for any liking. The list of must-visit places is so long, you need more than a week to cover them. The Aeolian Islands definitely top your list, since they are included in the Unesco World Heritage list and constitute Sicily’s hot volcanic rocks. This amazing archipelago comprises seven islands, all of the volcanic origin and five tiny isles. You can rent a yacht in Italy and take in the best views from aboard, admiring Stromboli with its lava rolling from the crater toward the sea, the manifestation of nature in all its glory. Make a stop at Panarea, enjoy the unpolluted air as there are no gas-driven vehicles; only electro cars and Vespa scooters are allowed. The Far Aeolian Islands are popular with their blue, clear water perfect for scuba diving with Canneto and Acquacalda in Lipari the safest of them. Although there is mostly volcanic sand, you can find clean, white sand on Lipari Island in the village of Canneto, it’s called Spiaggia Bianca. The beach is often crowded by the superyacht charter guests and locals. The secluded, quiet beaches welcome on the remote Alicudi and Filicudi Islands. Famous Italian cuisine and colorful landscapes make all the more reasons you won’t be disappointed and will get the maximum out of your vacation.

French Riviera — Classy From the Inside

Originally, the French Riviera was settled as a modern, winter health resort for the British aristocracy of the 18th century. Today, there are no obvious class affiliations; however, this vacation ground has hardly lost its chic. The waterfront is one of the top glamorous charter destinations in the Mediterranean. Winsome ports with flashy yachts, smart beach-clubs, modern marinas, and golden beaches dot the bank from Menton to the well-known fishing village of Saint Tropez. Renowned for its hosted film festival, Cannes is a classy city with a bizarre, old port, contrasting with the rest of the town and serving as a starting point to a French yacht holiday. Bordering the sea, Grasse is the aroma capital of French perfumery and the scene of the world-known novel, Perfume, by Patrick Süskind. Antibes excites the connoisseurs of art with one of the best Picasso collections. Have a dainty breakfast in Villefranche-sur-Mer and hike up to the medieval village of Eze to feel like you’ve reached the top of the world and view the exotic gardens below. Monaco with its Monte Carlo Casino and F1 Grand Prix race need no introduction. If you feel like weighing anchor, rent a yacht in French Riviera to make you one step closer to your coming vacation.

Turkey — A Delicate Eastern Beauty

Turkey is not only a staggering sailing destination but is also representative of the rich eastern culture in the Mediterranean. Its long waterline stores a variety of attractions, from the sandy beach on the Mediterranean luring you with its tranquil, azure waters, perfect for swimming, diving, and paragliding, to the Sunken City of Kekova representing the archeological treasures of the country. The ancient Caunos, dating back to 3000 BC, is another piece of history you shouldn’t miss. Fethiye is a perfect place for relaxation, where after an exhausting, yet exciting shopping tour, you can have refreshing SPA treatments including a traditional Turkish Bath followed by a long sensual massage relieving you of the stresses of busy urban life. If on the contrary, the bustling life is what you need to feel alive, you should visit Marmaris and have a ‘handful' of city pleasures including robust shopping and fiery nightlife. Bodrum boasts the same virtues offering noisy bars, cafes and the most vibrant open-air nightclubs in the Eastern Mediterranean. The range of sailing charters varies significantly; you can easily rent a yacht in Turkey to explore every bay on your journey.

The Azores — A Place Where Nations and Currents Meet

The Azores are favorite harbors for experienced ocean sailors, driven by abundant island enticements and unspoiled natural beauties. The tastiest fruits and dairy products make luscious feasts for your daily onboard meals. The mild and pleasant climate is perfect for everyone. The underwater life never ceases to enchant with its flying fish and dancing dolphins accompanying the annual spring migrations of the largest whales in the world including the humpback, sperm and sei whales. One can never forget the view, and it’s worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Thanks to the unblemished reputation of the island chain with sailing tourists, to rent a charter in Azores is a piece of cake. The goat islets are the most protected and popular locations in the islands. Created by a split volcano, hosting mysterious natural caves of bewitching beauty and a great variety of the resident bird species like gulls, Cory’s shearwaters and terns, they open great views of the circumambient waters. The remote location of the archipelago serves the purpose of natural preservation well, making it look like a whole other world, with exotic and lush fauna and flora. Horta is the most loved marina in the Azores as it is the meeting point of the Atlantic crosses. At this port, you find flags from all over the world, representing the international essence of this place. According to an old tradition, the crews from different countries should make a painting when they arrive in Horta, passing the baton to future visitors. Graciosa island, acclaimed a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, hosts amazing natural wonders as the Caldera, a stunning elliptical depression in the volcanic landscape. Apart from enjoying its pristine nature, Portugal is a well-known surfing location welcoming surfers from every corner of Europe and of any abilities level.

In general, yacht charter vacations are a perfect way to spend your holidays in the closest possible way to nature and far from the rest of the world. The sea does not have city borders, and it gives a sense of absolute freedom. Sailing does not have an age or a gender; it gets in your blood and in your way of world perception. Do not deny yourself the pleasure; it’s the one your soul is craving.

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