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Five reasons to go sailing Five reasons to go sailing
Charter March 15, 2018

Five reasons to go sailing

Yachting is a mix of positive emotions and adventurous spirit. And this is not even the reason one.

There are many things in life which give us positive emotions, joy, confidence and a couple of additional years ahead. These things may be purely individualized, but there are some which most of you may already know about — the ones which enrich our lives with unforgettable moments. And one of those is yachting.

Haven’t you ever dreamed of going somewhere you’ve never been before on a snow-white yacht breaking through the waves in search of adventures?

Imagine this: you are leaving a beautiful port and heading towards the high sea with the closest people next to you, put the sails up and go wherever you want. (Except for rocks, of course, rocks need to be avoided). Your friends turn into this wonderful crew, and ahead of you is the unknown city, expecting to be discovered, new people and acquaintances, architecture, impressions and so on each and every time.

And also you won’t have to drag the suitcases with you (actually, no suitcases are allowed on a yacht anyway, only soft bags), rush for a checkout, etc. Wherever you are on a yacht, any place of the world, you feel like home. You have a convenient kitchen, comfortable bed, beautiful mess deck and a personal shower to name just a few. Still not convinced? Below is a list of at least five reasons which believes to be significant enough to make up your mind.

1. A unique experience.

An experience like this you will not get anyhow, but yachting. The feeling of a complete freedom is truly unique. You’ve got everything you need to go wherever you want or stay put. You are not dependent on anyone, wind and sail are yours and that’s all you need. You are free to choose — stand in the port, go wild and moor near any island, many of which are uninhabited (yes, there are such even in Europe, there are from 500 to 700 uninhabited islands in Greece) or just drift in the high sea and enjoy the sun and the views of the water surface vanishing in the distance. The yacht itself will set you up for a romantic mood and give a feeling of unity with the sea.

In addition, this is a unique practice for you and your friends. You have an opportunity to turn your gang into a real crew, doing what one alone can’t, have fun night parties over a bottle or two of wine in the cockpit and experience the moods of a changeable nature. This is a great chance to test the relationship and learn how to trust each other all the way.

Yachting is, by no means, an isolation. On the contrary, you are in the very center of civilization on a high-tech vessel, where everything is made for your comfort. You have a shower, kitchen, electricity, satellite, internet, hot water, to put it short, you have all the goodies that you are used to on land.

2. It’s not that expensive as might think.

It may sound strange, but you actually save money when booking a yacht. Just think about this: hotels, cars, taxis, buses, restaurants, boats (in case you started a trip to the islands, for example, in Greece or Italy). The selection of boats and charter companies is so vast now that they will offer you the most favorable prices, if only you booked their boat. Marines are also relatively inexpensive, in Greece, for instance, they are mostly free.

You need fuel only when entering and leaving a port, sailing when the sea is flat, etc. As for provision, you can buy it and cook something yourself, it’s much cheaper than lunches in hotels, city restaurants and taverns, not to mention alcohol. Eventually, yachting is not as expensive as you think. Having a lunch on a yacht will cost you a lot less than in a restaurant, plus there can be no doubts about the quality.

3. Need for adventure.

If you have cravings for adventure, you must try yachting. This is not just about swimming in a turquoise sea water and having fun dinners in yacht clubs with friends. Yachting is an extreme, salty spray in the face, speed, gusts of wind and maroon sunsets on the stormy sea. This is a challenge nature throws at you, a chance to test yourself for toughness and get thrilled with every second during the adventure.

A YACHT is at your disposal. This means that you can approach almost any island, inhabited or not, drop an anchor and go ashore sailing a dinghy (an inflatable rubber boat with an outboard motor, which you get along with the yacht). Just imagine this amazing and exciting feeling to be a pioneer, stepping on a strange land for the first time, which you would never reach by land.

You can climb the highest mountain to enjoy the views of the island and the endless sea surface, you can do underwater hunting to have fresh octopuses or tuna for dinner — you will not get bored, that’s for sure.

4. Fans of hedonism will love it.

Yep, you got it right, fans of enjoying the charms of life, yachting is your option. You do not need to plan every second of your vacation, book hotels and carry heavy luggage. No more table reservations in restaurants and worrying if the hotel service or the neighborhood are going to be good. Not to mention the situation, when you plan traveling to several cities, for example, on the islands of Greece or Italy.

You will only need to know the route, that’s all. Just relax and go with the flow. You planned to visit four islands, but you liked one of them particularly? — Not a problem. You do not have a hotel reservation and there is no ferry you will miss, just stay there until the next day. Life is wonderful — don’t put it on the back burner.
Life is wonderful — don’t put it on the back burner.

5. An exceptional opportunity for thinking.

Do we often have the opportunity to just stop and think: “Am I doing everything right?”, “Would I be busy with what I’m doing now, if I had only 24 hours left to live?”

No, we do not have time for that, we work constantly, rush somewhere, have a lot of problems to be solved. We do not appreciate the little things, simple joys like sunsets, dawns, early wake ups, dinners with our family. We do not notice people and they do not notice us. We rush at a crazy speed towards the logical conclusion of everything we do, but do not have time to understand it. But it is yachting that gives this exceptional opportunity.

You go out to sea, raise the sails and just feel the moment: enjoy a quiet splash of waves, the sound of the wind, the movement itself. There are only the best people around you and an endless sea surface. Borden sunsets and quiet, cool sunrises, a huge dome of the sky with so many stars that you will never see even from the top of the highest mountain. All these things make you think about who you are and why you are here. You begin to understand and feel life, you have time to look around, look at everything from a different perspective and return home a little bit of a different person than you were before.

Leonid Neugodnikov
Leonid Neugodnikov
Chief engineer

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