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Best places and sailing routes for your sailing trip near Portimao. Sailing season details, trade winds and everything you need for perfect sailing holidays.

Marinas in Portimao

Modern resort base in which a huge number of hotels, restaurants, beaches, marines and yacht parking places is located. Portimao is the excellent place for yachting. In an old part of Portimao ancient architectural objects are located, they look especially beautifully from the seaside. What can be better, than hire the yacht and observe from the deck the neighborhood city sights? Untouched nature, coastal rocks, caves, grottoes and tunnels. Rent of yachts in Portugal is very popular type of rest. Here it is possible to meet fans of this activity from all over the world and not without reason, it is possible to float on the yacht in Portugal all the year round, without waiting for a high season, like in other countries. In marines of the city catamarans, sailing and motor yachts of all models and classes are presented, and, despite of it during a high season it is necessary to book the yacht in advance (3−6 months before a travel). The prices of yacht charters in Portugal are quite optimumal for this reason, that is why this unusual type of rest is so popular. The international airports are located in Lisbon and Farah.

Portimao is the largest city in the west of Portugal. Thia resort is located in the mouth of the river Arad which flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

Portimao is the southern Portuguese port. It stands at the mouth of the Arade River that flows into the Atlantic. For centuries, Portimao has been the center of fishing and shipbuilding. Now it is a resort with yachting as the main attraction. There is a wide variety of ships, a comfortable marina and a season that never ends. Read more about the advantages of renting a yacht in the European Atlantic in our article.

Why do yachtsmen prefer Portimao?

The settlement on the coast of the European Atlantic was founded by the ancient Greeks, and after them the Romans, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Visigoths and Arabs used to live here. All these ethnic groups were known as the skilled navigators. The place attracted sailors as a convenient port with the safe bays. Today yachtsmen appreciate the trouble-free mooring and the fact that the ships are protected from a storm as well.

A strong wind rarely gets up here. It is a good place for beginner skippers, especially since in the neighboring Faro situates one of the largest Portuguese sailing schools. There is also an airport 70 km far from Portimao.

It makes sense to arrive a couple of days before the cruise start to visit at least the main local places of interest and to try some entertainments:

  • the vast Praia Rocha beach with golden sand, azure waters, cliffs and grottoes;
  • one could hook the main local edible fish — mackerel — right on Praia Rocha;
  • if fishing does not attract, the spicy mackerel with onions and tomatoes could be ordered in numerous local restaurants; another typical local dish is grilled sardines;
  • after lunch it’s a perfect time to go for a walk to admire the balconies of old houses decorated with colored ceramics to see the Jesuit college, monastery, the fortress of St. Catherine and much more;
  • or to go to the suburban orange trees plantation.

For children, there is a dolphinarium and an aqua park. It’s convenient to come here by any crews — with friends, beloved ones and with whole family. In the city, there are the entertainments for yachtsmen of all ages and habits.

What do you need to know about yacht charter in Portimao?

Boats could be hired all year round but the high season lasts from May to October. Winters are short and dry. The temperature stays at 15−180 C but winds blow stronger which can be a problem for an inexperienced skipper.

The choice of yachts is wide here and the rules for renting are the same as on the rest of the Portuguese coast. The skipper must own a certificate of RYA, IYT, ISSA, GIMS (the category should correspond to the selected vessel) or a diploma of yacht captain. Offers with the best price for renting in the European Atlantic can be found on our website. Please leave an online request and the manager of Sailica will contact you in the messenger or by phone to clarify the details of the trip.

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Aeroporto de Farо FAO
Aeroporto de Lisboa LIS

The continental Mediterranean climate of Portugal is significantly changes from the North to the South. In Portimao the climat is temperate, air temperature is high, and an amount of precipitation is small. In the city, thanks to influence of the Mediterranean Sea, the winter is short, windy and dry, and summer is very hot.