Sailing vacation in Cape Verde

Best places and routes to sail in region. Weather, trade winds and important details for perfect sailing holidays in Cape Verde.

Sailing trip in Cape Verde

Yacht charter in Cape Verde is convenient with the help of Sailica. Our consultants will advise you on which yacht to rent and how to build your route. The yachting season in Cape Verde is all year round, so you can always find yacht charters for reasonable prices on Sailica. Beginners can hire a yacht with a skipper.

Yacht rental in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a state in the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and the Canaries. It consists of 15 islands, some of them are uninhabited.

  • The main reason for yacht rental in Cape Verde is the beauty of the local nature. For example, from the yacht you can see flocks of whales, who are often not afraid to swim close to the shore.
  • You can go scuba diving during your yacht trip. There are coral reefs, underwater caves, colorful fish and sunken ships in the waters of Cape Verde. You can hide from civilization and enjoy the view of the yellow rocks and the azure ocean on the spacious and uncrowded beaches of Cape Verde.
  • Take a yacht cruise to the largest city in the country, Mindelo, which is situated on the island of Santo Vincent. This is a real touristic center with bars, clubs, shops and colonial-style architecture.
  • If you are planning to take a yacht charter in Cape Verde in February, don’t miss the colorful carnival, which takes place every year in Praia and Mindelu. It is similar to the famous Brazilian carnivals, where participants in fancy costumes walk through the wide streets accompanied by musicians, while tourists walk, take pictures and try local dishes.
  • Tourism in Cape Verde is developing rapidly here, but the yacht rental prices remain acceptable.

For sailing or motor yacht charter in Cape Verde, at least one crew member must have a RYA, IYT, ISSA certificate, and a GIMS certificate (with the appropriate category). A radio operator license is usually not required.

Must-know about yachting in Cape Verde

Although the weather in Cape Verde is sunny and warm all year round, there are a few things to keep in mind: there are strong winds on the islands from November to July and the rainy season lasts from August to October, which hampers yacht rental.

The only marina in Cape Verde where you can spend the night on a yacht is Mindelo. There are small anchorages without access to the pier on other islands.

Cape Verde is a state in the Atlantic Ocean, which is located on the archipelago of the same name. Tourism here is developing rapidly, but the cost of recreation remains acceptable for such a paradise place with untouched nature.

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All the year round
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Cape Verde - Yacht Charter Sailica
Cape Verde - Yacht Charter Sailica
Cape Verde - Yacht Charter Sailica

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The climate on the islands is mild, the temperature does not change throughout the year, holding around 25 degrees above zero. Precipitation is not frequent, and the water is very warm, which is great for beach holidays and recreation with children.