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Ten world’s best events you should see from a yacht Ten world’s best events you should see from a yacht
Lifestyle October 18, 2018

Ten world’s best events you should see from a yacht

What do you associate with yachts? We guess it’s fishing, tanning on the deck, having a cozy pastime with family, and swimming from shore to shore. However, yachting isn’t only about regular onboard activities. But you can also visit diversified world festivals held in completely different corners of the planet, experience new emotions and meet like-minded people. Such a spectacular voyage is completely different from a usual boat trip.

Typically, global events, whether a yachting festival or a traditional ashore one, are extremely popular and gather so many quests that hotels are overcrowded, and you can hardly find a room to sleep in. The main advantage of renting a yacht is you’re able to not only visit famous festivals, enjoying incredible sea scenery and landscapes but you’re also guaranteed to settle down comfortably without worrying about the lack of a roof over your head. Yachting is the perfect opportunity for sophisticated travellers especially when participating in the world’s best events presented below.

Сhoose By Your Taste: Water Fun Or A Land Party?

What do you prefer the most: dancing in the sand, extraordinary costumes, high art or cosplays? Or maybe you’re fascinated by dynamic activities as exploration of new geographical locations surrounded by luxurious watercrafts? To help you find your cup of tea, we have divided the list into two major categories: the largest land events and yacht festivals. Let’s have a look together!

Land Festivals

1. The Cannes Film Festival (Saturday, May 14 to Saturday, May 25, in 2019)

One of the two most important events in the world of cinema, the Cannes Film Festival, is held annually in the second half of May in the city of Cannes. For twelve days, a magic cinematography atmosphere reigns: Celebrities parade along the red carpet of the Palais des Festivals, directors present their latest films to eminent colleagues, and movie fans run across Promenade de la Croisette in a hurry to see the next show. Needless to say, finding hotel rooms in Cannes those days is absolutely impossible, as well as difficult in the neighboring resorts of the Cote d’Azur.

Since the Palais des Festivals is located on the beach and films are displayed on big screens under the amazing, starry Mediterranean sky, renting a yacht is an excellent solution for this activity. It provides direct access to the main event and an overnight stay at the same time. A panoramic observation deck on the yacht allows watching of movie masterpieces sitting on a comfortable sofa in the arms of cool sea air.

2. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (Tuesday, March 2 to Saturday, March 9, in 2019)

This world’s most energetic holiday fills Rio de Janeiro with a whirl of colors, music, and unstoppable fun in early February or March. Thousands of viewers and participants from around the globe flock here annually. The festival begins with the election of a King and Queen, and then, 14 prominent samba schools from different districts demonstrate at a public performance with complex choreography, exquisite decorations, and fantastically beautiful costumes. The official part is held at Sambadrome, a mixture of an open stadium and a pedestrian street. In addition, the program includes street dance parties called “bandas”, parades of street musicians, night concerts, and pompous carnival balls at major hotels and nightclubs.

Rio lies on the coast of Guanabara Bay. It’s quite convenient to samba ashore from the yacht. What’s more, the yacht is a great place to party. When the crowd of tourists and inhabitants is having fun on the streets, you can throw a noisy party aboard with your friends, enjoying mixed sprays of champagne and sea.

3. Venice Carnival (Saturday, February 16 to Tuesday, March 5, in 2019)

This is the oldest costume masquerade carnival on the planet, held annually in Venice. Traditionally, it lasts over two weeks. It has been a lot of fun in the past. At the St. You can see more of the street streets, music, dancing, and mass fun. People are dressed in costumes of world-famous Italian characters: Harlequin, Pierrot, Pantalone and other heroes. There are plenty of jugglers, shugglotters, mimes, acrobats, clowns, and snake charmers. The Piazza San Marco is a hot summer holiday destination of the world of the Piazza San Marco.

By taking a yacht-tour, you’re able to take part in every phase of this grand event and enjoy the scenic views of this unique port city following your own route without utilizing public transport. Vivid Venetian nights spent on the water are a memorable experience for the most wordly-wise tourists. You are surrounded by a thousand lights, fascinating decorations, and a quiet river surface. Taste the italian pasta and hot mulled wine aboard the yacht to warm up and take a break after an active day’s journey.

4. New Orleans Mardi Gras (Sunday, January 6 to Tuesday, March 5, in 2019)

This is the last day before the beginning of the Catholic Easter Fast. As the date of Easter changes every year, respectively, the date of holding Mardi Gras also changes. Mardi Gras in New Orleans brings two weeks of fun, music playing everywhere, concerts and carnival parades of various clubs, as well as delicious national dishes to taste. On Fat Tuesday, the last day of the carnival, a grand gala parade is held, which is attended by thousands of locals and tourists. The holiday ends at midnight and not a minute later.

Those who wish to participate in the carnival must follow three main traditions: First, throughout the entire carnival, it is necessary to have fun from the heart and eat and drink to the fullest because 40 days of strict fasting are coming. Second, you’re obliged to wear carnival beads colored green, gold and purple. The more colors, the better. Third, (although the origin of this tradition is unknown), all girls should show their breasts to passersby in exchange for beads. Of course, it is not necessary to do this brave deed since chances are it’s just a joke. Taste real Louisiana cuisine, hear the best jazz on the planet and have a good time by joining the Mardi Gras Carnival.

Considering a lot of people come to New Orleans these dates, it’s more reliable to rent a yacht without worrying about where to stay for 2 weeks. Yacht facilities are in no way inferior to a hotel; you are provided with all the required equipment and “household” items needed for a long trip. Moreover, located on the Mississippi river, New Orleans invites water travelers to take exciting tours along the Gulf of mexico.

5. St. Patrick’s Day (Sunday, March 17, in 2019)

March 17th is the memorial day for the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, who according to legends, brought Christianity to a pagan island and expelled all the snakes. In honor of St. Patrick, inhabitants annually organize parades with songs and dances and Irish beer flows like a river. There is a tradition to attach green trefoils (Shamrocks) to clothes, symbolizing the cross, the color of Catholicism, and the symbolic color of the “emerald isle” itself. People dressed in extravagant green costumes walk around the streets, accompanied by the brass bands playing the famous bagpipes.

Going to this festival on a yacht isn’t only a convenient way to reach Ireland but it is also the opportunity to warm up in the cabin on a cold night. The famous Irish (whiskey) coffee helps you to stay awake after the exhausting street festivals and continue the thematic party on the yacht. Hang out with your sailing mates onboard as long as you can while the whole city is sleeping.

6. Fes Festival (Friday, June 14 to Saturday, June 22, in 2019)

Every spring, custodians of musical traditions come to the most ancient city of North Africa, Fez, where the largest festival of sacred music, “Fès des Musiques Sacrées," has been held since 1994. Famous musicians from religious communities in the Middle East, Asia, and the West, and musical groups from Iran, Pakistan, India, Spain, USA, Great Britain, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, France, Mauritania, Syria, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Benin, and Turkey come here to demonstrate their magnificent talents and strengthen international relations. In addition to the main festival program, you can visit various free concerts and exhibitions arranged in the squares of Fez.

By renting a yacht, you can witness the magic of mysterious Sufi nights. The wide, closed space of the vessel allows you to create wonderful acoustics; turn on the sacred music and immerse in the lovely sounds sitting on a gently rocking boat.

7. San Diego Comic-Con (Thursday, July 18 to Sunday, July 21, in 2019)

The “great-grandfather” of all comic-fests annually turns San Diego into a pilgrimage destination for devoted comic fans from all over the world. Everything is related to fantastic pop culture: comics, games, books, science fiction films and other mass media products. Over four days, more than 700 diversified events, as presentations of new comics, digital and board games, literature, TV shows, films and animation, workshops, practical conferences, and a film festival please visitors. Guests of the festival are the world’s leading figures of cinema, literature, design and show business, including actors starring in fantastic Hollywood blockbusters. For many years, International Comic Con has remained the All-American center of cosplay culture that won’t leave DC and Marvel universes fans indifferent.

If you want to take part in the cosplay party and prepare several costumes, a yacht is a great place to store your wardrobe safely and conveniently. After the main event comes to an end, bring the magic of the comic world to the real life by organizing a fantastic party onboard with new and old friends you met at the festival. Dance with your partners like the Joker and Harley as hard as you can for as long as you can.

Yachting Festivals

1. The Yacht Week Croatia (Jun | Jul | Aug | Sep in 2019)

A trip to Croatia on a sailing yacht is an adventure you’d surely want to repeat. Warm sea, endless blue sky and a fast moving vessel. Could anything be better? Yes, a stop at the marinas on small and large islands, including Vis, Hvar, and the jewel of Croatia, Korcula. This is a memorable mobile floating festival set in the numerous destinations of this country on the Adriatic coast. Sail, party and live on a yacht with your friends and hundreds of other yacht weekers in the Med.

2. Monaco Yacht Show (Wednesday, September 25 to Saturday, September 28, in 2019)

The exhibition of yachts in Monaco is the most prestigious event presenting the largest yachts on the planet. In 2018, 125 exclusive yachts on the water and the exhibits of 590 leading companies in the yachting industry were presented at the MYS exposition. Imagine what awaits guests next year! For four days, participants are able to bask in the unforgettable atmosphere on board the most luxurious vessels. This is a great opportunity to discover the Principality of Monaco and the diversified restaurants and bars of the Monte-Carlo SBM, and to buy unique yacht models.

3. Antigua Sailing Week (Saturday, April 27 to Friday, May 3, in 2019)

This Caribbean sailing regatta, perhaps the best one among amateur regattas, has been held in Antigua since 1967. The secret of its popularity is simple: an ideal water area and a scalable festival program designed for amateur and professional teams from all over the world. Antigua Sailing Week is famous for its carnival parties, reaching up to 14 events in the week. Beaches, palm trees, rum, cigars, Caribbean, French, Italian and many other countries, cuisine for every taste and budget, a full range of coastal entertainment, shopping, unique Colombian emeralds, and exotic beauty, — that’s what Antigua has to offer to you. Here you meet a reckless international community of yachtsmen who are friendly and open to communication. In addition to wide rest and leisure opportunities, the festival launches a highly-competitive and spectecular, involving 200+ participants, regatta.

A Dream Voyage

Don’t be afraid that yachting is an attribute of a luxurious lifestyle! Believe us, you can organize an unforgettable sea trip with your family or friends on a budget equal to a stay in a hotel. It’s a nice transportation choice when visiting famous festivals, carnivals, and other world’s largest events. If you don’t have your own vessel, we’ll gladly select you a yacht matching your specific requirements and wishes. In addition to the rental service, our team will help you form and prepare a personal route in the best, most interesting directions. Catch the moments of joy and excitement during the voyage while our professionals take care of the organizational tasks.

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