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Sailing in North Korea! Sailing in North Korea!
Lifestyle April 5, 2018

Sailing in North Korea!

Today, recreational yachting takes not the last place among other types of rest. The charter becomes more and more developed not only in Europe, North, and Central America, but also in more remote corners of our planet. More and more people prefer Thailand to Italy, and Patagonia to Greece.

Realities nowadays are that people are quickly bothered with familiar places and they always want something new, herein lies the magical thirst for sea adventures. The captain Cook wouldn’t have discovered the Hawaiian Islands, and Columbus, even by accident, would never land on the new continent, just delivering freights around Europe.

Globalization “works” too fast in 2018, direct flight from Europe to any country of the UN will last no longer than 24 hours. However, still there are areas which were explored by people, on which it obvious “took a day off” … One of such places is North Korea. This small state which is located in the northeast of Eurasia and it remains the only one place in the world whose sky still “closes the iron curtain”.

Sailica team has decided to contact the agent in DPRK and find out is it possible to go to a yacht cruise over this wonderful country. You didn’t think that we don’t have an agent in DPRK?

North Korea is the last “front of communism on the world’s economic battlefield” as residents of this country would say. Here people have their own history, reality and even the Internet, they have encroached on a sacred thing. The leader of the country, who had inherited father’s title, is Kim Chen In. At the same time, he is the Supreme Grand Marshal of DPRK. Kim quite often does any funny business on the military testing ground and regularly shows up in world media, swinging a nuclear weapon, maybe, because of idleness.

Here we have thought, why shouldn’t we suggest him to try himself in yachting? Such decision has several indisputable advantages. Firstly, it is useful and he will be able to shape up, and secondly, all General Secretary’s time and financial resources will be spent on the maintenance of the yacht and it simply won’t be enough for the “waging of war with the West”. And desire will disappear, we guarantee.

While he is considering the proposal, the special agent of Sailica has already found for you great yacht directly in DPRK and we are ready to rent it out. With the captain of course, we are not crazy people.

The first mentions of seafaring of residents of Korea were published in the writing “The Book Of Korean Poetry: Choson Dynasty”. Here it is about sea battles in the war against Japan. Naturally, we talk about heavy warship with a set of tools and soldiers onboard. However, a lot of things were transferred from it to the modern east sailing vessels. Therefore, if you wish to explore the coast of DPRK and you have the impressive capital to pay the lease of the vessel, welcome to

What should you know about a travel to DPRK?

For the beginning, you have to understand that it is the most closed country in the world and you will not get a visa just applying for a visa beforehand. You should pass a huge number of bureaucratic procedures and “to prove that you are not a camel”.

Furthermore, you should get to Beijing. Further is the plane. Every day the flight to Pyongyang and back is available.

Transporting the polygraphic things is strictly prohibited. Each suitcase is inspected and sorts through manually. Also all photos on any carriers are looked through as on the way there and on the way back. To export something from the country was strictly prohibited too. Nevertheless, everyone remembers the history about the tourist from the USA who was convicted of espionage and was convicted to an impressive drain in DPRK for trying to export the political poster, which he stole from the hotel.

Mobile phones should be handed over at the airport, and they may be returned with the receipt on the way back. Laptops and cameras are also been examined and have a “cleaning” on borders. It is important to understand that everything is controlled by the state.

The captain of the yacht and your personal guide across DPRK will take care of everything else, without him you shouldn’t breathe once more it is followed by death.

Thus, you might be the first person who have gone to North Korea on the yacht and you will be able to explore territory which wasn’t seen by any European. Kidding, the guide would not let you do that. However, obvious plus will become the fact that you will be able to write about your travel to DPRK in the Internet and it to become famous, this is very popular now.

Special agent of Sailica
Special agent of Sailica
Special agent

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