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Sailing vacation on Seychelles Sailing vacation on Seychelles
Charter July 10, 2019

Sailing vacation on Seychelles

The legend tells that God had created Seychelles as a residence to live on earth and still stay in heaven. He decorated the picturesque bays, hid the best beaches from prying eyes, settled rare birds and giant turtles in the forests, scattered sandy atolls around the area and populated the bays with unusual fish.

It is easy to believe in that. Each of the Seychelle islands is a small paradise with its own wonders. We will tell about the most exciting ones for you to understand: it’s time to look for boat rental in Seychelles and get there.

La Digue Beaches

Unlike the coral or volcanic islands, Seychelles stand on the granite foundation. Because of this, the local beaches are decorated with granite rocks. The most picturesque of them is Anse Source d’Argent beach on the La Digue island.

Pink-grey fragments descend here from the shore straight to the clear water. They divide the large beach into many small rooms with access to the sea. With giant stones, the beach looks like a lost valley. Find yourself in a prehistoric era with no living souls around — just you and the gentle sea. This is the place where you come for a couple of minutes and spend the rest of the day.

Praslin Jungle

Praslin is the second largest island on Seychelles. On its territory lies the nature reserve Vallée de Mai where the biggest coconuts in the world grow. The forests of Praslin have been untouched since the discovery of the island, and many rare plants, birds and reptiles have found shelter here.

From the dock sun-drenched in the sun, you come to the twilight of primordial trees shadow emphasized by rare rays of light. You walk in the woods, pass the scattered mossy stones, listen to the muttering of streams and the sounds of unknown animals and birds. This jungle had been the same hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Cousin Birds

Cousin Island has recently become a reserve. More than 300,000 birds nest in its tiny territory including species unique to the planet. This is a bird state, and its silver-tongued inhabitants hide from you in the jungle twilight.

If you don’t want to search for birds among the intertwined branches, visit Cousin Island to unite with nature. Birds singing, palm leafs fluttering and the rhythmic sea noise are ideal music to forget about annoying city hubbub.

Curieuse Tortoises

It had been called ‘Île Rouge', Red Island, due to the red hue of the local soil. But then they renamed it Curieuse, ‘curious'. Perhaps because of the giant tortoises, this territory’s foremost inhabitants.

They travel the entire island, from coastal dunes to palm forests. As if pieces of granite rocks became boring to stand in one place and began to revive one by one. Tortoises seem to be like this unless you start to feed them and try to stroke.

Those who are indifferent to these giants can search for their underwater relatives in the coastal waters. Fortunately, there is a marine reserve near the Curieuse island.

Mahé Diving

There are 6 small islands near Mahé, the main island of Seychelles. Not so long ago, they were united in the National Marine Park of St. Anne. If you are keen on sailing on Seychelles, explore the local depths here, away from dangerous shipping routes.

Before St. Anne’s Park was created, local people had cut down corals for building houses. Since then, the coral jungle has grown here with algae pastures and sandy plains. You may find here more than 150 marine life species. The large ones are rays, sea turtles and dolphins.

Yet, in the waters of Mahé lot of ships had sunk. Aldebaran, a fishing vessel sunk in 2008, is the most famous of them. It is overgrown with reefs, which makes this sunken ship one of the most impressive diving sites in Seychelles.

Aldabra wonders

Aldabra is the second largest atoll in the world. It is located 650 miles away from the inland Seychelles. To get here, you have to rent a motor yacht with a crew. But it is definitely worth it.

Giant coral island in the form of a ring, Aldabra sheltered 100,000 giant turtles, 5 times more than in all the Galapagos Islands! Rare birds live in the forests, including ibises, herons, frigates and flamingos. There are tiger sharks and manta rays not far from the coast.

Considering that few people come here, most of the time you will be on your own. And the idea that the whole world around will belong only to you for a while is unusually inspiring.

The season in Seychelles lasts all year round, and it is convenient to come here at any time. Both in summer and in winter, the waters of the Indian Ocean will gently splash at your feet, and the warm wind will rustle in the palm trees and carry bird calls from the island. Plan your time for a sailing yacht travel with a reserve. You will definitely come across an island where you want to stay for a day or two.

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Dmytro Mamontov
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