Mahe: perfect place for sailing

Best sailing areas in Mahe. Sailing routes, weather and wind details, facts about region and important details to sail in Mahe.

Sailing trip in Mahe

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Yachting in winter of Mahe

We are used to thinking that yachting is a summer sport. However, there are some places on our planet where summer never ends. You can choose leisure time on the yacht instead of the snowy winter in your country. Seychelles is one of these places.

Mahe is the largest island of Seychelles archipelago and a starting point for most of the popular yachting routes. The only international airport in the region is located on Mahe. .It is a place of living for 90% of Seychellean population. Yacht tours around the Mahe islands show the 44 miles of picturesque shores and numerous beaches, some of them are accessible from the water only. Gorgeous underwater sites and bright tropical fishes attract the divers and snorkellers, so the yachtsmen should consider buying or renting the equipment for underwater swimming.

Climate and yachting season at Mahe

Yachting season at Seychelles continues all year round. Even in January, the local period of rains, the water evaporates in the warm air very fast, so the rain is not the obstacle for yachting at Mahe.

The ocean around Seychelles is rich in a coral reef. The reefs and underwater rocks are perfect for snorkeling and diving but dangerous for a yacht. The yachtsmen should consider the assisted charter at Mahe because local skippers know the water area, reefs, dangerous places with underwater rocks and safe places for yachting at Seychelles.

In addition to the perfect knowledge of the fairwater, the skipper must know the island owners or contact persons. Many of these islands belong to private owners. The call at a port on private islands is possible upon the owner’s permission only. The availability and price of services depend on the owner’s orders only.

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