Sailing holidays near Sint Maarten

Best places and sailing routes for your sailing trip near Sint Maarten. Sailing season details, trade winds and everything you need for perfect sailing holidays.

Marinas in Sint Maarten

It is easy to find yacht charter in Sint Maarten on the Sailica website. Here you will know everything about boat rental prices in Sint Maarten. Take bareboat charter or hire a skipper if you want. We will provide you with information about the sailing nuances in Sint Maarten if necessary.

Boat rental in Sint Maarten

The island of Saint-Martin is divided into two states: Saint-Martin (French territory) and Sint Maarten (Dutch autonomy). The main airport is located on the Sint Maarten territory where infrastructure is better developed. It is much easier to get here and take advantage of the yacht or catamaran rental.

How to get

Princess Juliana International Airport handles flights from the USA, Canada, France and the Netherlands. You can get in Sint Maarten from the French territory of the island, the Saint-Martin state.
By the way, the Princess Juliana Airport is the only one in the world because of its unique location. Planes here take off and land right above the local beach. Tourists can easily get incredible photos while just having rest at the beach territory.

Climate: tropical.
Yachting season: from December to April.
Rainy season: July-November. During this period there may be hurricanes, yachting rest is not recommended in the area.
Language of communication: Dutch and English.
Visa: Sint Maarten is opened to residents of the European Union, North America, Australia, South America (except Bolivia) and several other countries, as well as holders of a Schengen visa.

Sailing routes from Sint Maarten

It is easier to get by plane to Sint Maarten than to the French part of the island. The routes from Sint Maarten usually include a sailing yacht trip to the nearby islands with visits to beaches and coral reefs. The local cuisine combining French and local dishes makes a highlight on the journey.

The route from Sint Maarten, 7 days: Oyster Pond — Tintamarre — Anguilla — Petite Caye — Grande Caye — Pinel — Orient Bay / Green Cay — Oyster Pond.

Anchorages in Sint Maarten

  • Watch out for valuable things and do not leave them unattended on board of the yacht/dinghy in order to avoid petty thefts
  • There are no drinking sources on the island. All the water is desalinated from the sea. Therefore, a small penalty is charged, $0.15 per gal (3.78L)
  • The best place for yacht rentals is Simpson Bay. There you have the main island infrastructure with the airport located nearby. There are also about half a dozen marinas in the bay, moorings and good anchorage places
  • There is a bridge in Simpson Bay. The gap is 2.6 meters (port channel) and 2.4 meters (right channel) when it is closed. The gate opens 6 times during the day to let all ships into and out of the marina for most of the year. The gateway can also be opened on demand on the VHF channel 12, just be prepared to rush quickly.

Events in Sint Maarten

  • March — Heineken Regatta. 4 days of the world-class regatta.
  • April — May — carnival. It is celebrated all over the island, although the parade takes place in Sint Maarten
  • July 21 — Grand Case Festival, in honour of slavery abolition
  • November 11th — Sint Maarten Day
  • November — food and wine festival “Flavors of Sint Maarten”
  • November — “Course de l’Alliance” Regatta
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