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TOP-6 silly questions from tourists TOP-6 silly questions from tourists
TOP March 30, 2018

TOP-6 silly questions from tourists

The sea, islands, fresh wind, whiskey with ice and a look on Saint Tropez: this is all about yachting. Philistines have an opinion, that skipper’s work is full of romanticism of the Mediterranean sunsets, sunny days on the snow-white yacht and panoramic views of deserted islands. And of course, sea battles with pirates according to your grandmother’s version…

Yes, all these things really, anyway, take place in the yachtsman’s life. It is various, full of adventures, challenges and discovers, we have no right to hide it, we are honest. However, this article is devoted to commercial yachting, here the captain is employed on the private yacht, or rides tourists on his own vessel.

Everyone knows, that there are always two sides to every question. In this case, this a huge number of routine work with the boat, documents and bottomless abyss of bureaucracy. The yachtsman is saved only by high-stress resistance. It helps to wrest down all nonsenses and lawsuits of system: endless updating of licenses, checks, certification and other waste paper, money isn’t counted, the yachtsman doesn’t need to fight with it, all of it provides for yacht’s maintenance.

However, there is a territory in which resistance to stress yields on all fronts and only sense of humor can save you, it is endless and merciless foolishness of some guests onboard. Actually, It should be noted that without a sense of humor it is impossible to work normally in the sea, it helps to treat everything with delicate irony and to make things easier. One of such things is guests who do some things and ask such questions from ignorance or in the silliness, that we have an idea to check the yacht on drugs… Kidding.

The Sailica team, which has an experience and stories of several authoritative sources, has collected for you the list of the silliest and ridiculous questions, which are asked to yachtsmen on yachts in different corners of the planet.

1. Is it possible to gather water of different colors from the sea?

Apparently, it is question about a difference in colors of water by the different light and depths, somewhere it is darker, and somewhere it is more bright, on the contrary. So it will be problem. For those who already mashes his fingers to write the huge comment that each reservoir has his own water collection and even in the same one reservoir water collection depends on the season, salinity impurity and so on. We know that. However, when the guest is on the yacht in the Bay of Naples, and asks this question and looks at water under, he hardly means collecting water from Lake Michigan. Think about it.

2. Is it possible to come closer to the decline?

Yes, you can not re-read, everything is right. They say, that such question was asked once by guests to the girl first mate, when she was working on the private yacht of the Hawaiian businessman. Meets the eye, that the person is joking, although his face expresses extreme confidence, but you still have a small glimmer of hope in your heart. However, a moment later, the glimmer goes out under a powerful stream of arguments in favor of the subsequent theory, like “it will be much more beautiful”…

3. How could this island be uninhabited, unless it is so beautiful?

The point is that the moon is quite beautiful too, but is not fitted for living. Same with island, it is a beautiful fragment of the rock, which is located ten kilometers far from a civilization and there is nothing bad or good that nobody wants to live here.

4. Is it possible to sail under the island?

At some moments you don’t even know what should you answer people. It’s unbelievable that anyone could assume that the huge piece of land floats on the water surface like a buoy, connected with the bottom by an anchor chain? Maybe it is a shell of huge sleeping turtle? If you are capable to ask such question, you must had regularly skipped geography at school. Just like all other lessons.

5. When the “wind” will end end, we are going to wait for it again and we won’t be able to go anywhere?

Yes, possibly, there is a reason to assume, but how it can be unclear that in 2018 a huge attention is paid to safety? Of course, engine is installed on every yacht.

6. And how you live here, isn’t it boring?

And aren’t you bored just sitting in office during all day? We are not too. It could be boring anywhere, any work involves a little routine and monotony, however, if you love the work, it won’t be hindrance.

This list is not exhaustive and we are sure that people ask questions which are more strange and ridiculous, sometimes even frightening questions, to get over which you can only with the aid of your sense of humor. And what questions had been asked to you? Share your stories and we surely will publish them. Sailica wishes more patience and interesting guests onboard to everyone!

Stepan Közel
Stepan Közel

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