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Places, where pirates wield Places, where pirates wield
Charter May 1, 2018

Places, where pirates wield

When you go sailing, it is necessary to plan a route and to find out as much information as possible about areas, which should be necessary avoided.

It is possible to make it in several ways. First of all, you can find this sort of information in embassies and consulates of the countries you are interested in. The following option is travel agencies, which are also obliged in possession of the necessary information. One more way is yacht-clubs and also information received from yachtsmen. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact, that information about a situations in concrete regions, which you have received can change quickly.

In many respects, the degree of danger one or another area depends not on the area, and on people who at a certain point can be there. Of course, we talk about pirates. At the same time, It should be noted that in the European waters you will never meet pirates just because they are not there. Of course, like everywhere else, there it is possible to meet violators of established orders who spoil nerves to people who are around, but it absolutely another thing. For that simple reason, that yachtsmen, for the most part, are intelligent people and will never begin to make violations intentionally, unless “having a little too much”. But, as we have already spoken, it is extremely rarely gives a negative result. Therefore Europe is the safe and quiet place from this point. However, besides Europe, there is a set of other regions for swimming, and waters of the World Ocean are full of restless areas where, as they say, “you will get more what you asked for”. Therefore, having decided, for example, to go world travel, you must look it carefully, very legible and to show consideration for drawing up a route, having studied at the same time situation in “thosewhere” lands.

Cape Verde (Atlantic ocean)

The state of Cape Verde combines the primitive nature and the European level of service. Here it is possible to relax from a civilization and to research the unique underwater world.

In the history of islands there was a period when Africans crossed the ocean and got here for looking a job, hoping on the better life. But some of them had not founded a place to work, many of them simply even had not wanted to look for it. For this reason sometimes they plunder and hijack yachts. If we are talking about a criminogenic situation, then it is the most dangerous place is in Mindelo, for the reason that there is a port where influxes of Africans happens from time to time. And if we talk, for example, about small island Sal which is also among islands of the republic of Cape Verde, then it is absolutely safe for yachtsmen, there is no danger to acquire to themselves problems.


Here, along with fishing groups, there is a great amount of organized groups of pirates. Especially dangerous areas are Brazil and Somalia, in this territiry pirates got “on a hook” not only commercial vessels, but also private yachts. For them the vessel size and the number of crew members does not mean anything. Attacks on giant yachts and on crews of 10 people were registered here. The most dangerous area is the mouth of Amazon.

Venezuela (Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean)

Every year at the coast of Venezuela a large number of attacks on vessels is registered, in particular, it is about east part of the state. The local government says that in generally attacks are carried out by organized gangs of drug dealers who conduct raids for the purpose of a profit from time to time. Therefore we don’t recommend to make attempts to anchor in this area. There are even bans on occupation fishing trade, because of high probability of attack. We want to warn that pirates easy can mask under the fishermen therefore don’t let fishing boats come to close to you at all.

Still quite recently the coast of Venezuela was absolutely safe. But after the economic difficulties in state have begun, pirates have appeared in the short term. The local government desperately makes attempts of fight against piracy.


Quite recently Trinidad was considered as the safe navigation area. The situation has cardinally changed for several last years. Here it is recommended to have onboard things for protection, to be organized in groups and not to allow the approach of unfamiliar boats.

Gulf of Darien and Gulf Uraba

The area is considered unsafe for already known reason, because organized gangs on powerboats are active here, multiple attacks on yachtsmen have been registered. We strongly recommend to avoid the western coast of the Gulf of Venezuela.


Extremely unsafe area for yachting. Here the most organized pirates who commit assaults in groups are proceeding in, sometimes even on several boats, certainly, using the weapon, of course. We recommend to stay away from the coast of Somalia at least from afar of 400 miles.

Gulf of Aden

The prevention posted on the website by NATO sounds unambiguously: “The center of navigation of NATO strongly recommends yachts not to float through Gulf of Aden”. For a long time waters of Gulf of Aden are crawling with pirates. In general, the main profit for them are commercial vessels, but attacks on private yachts also happen. We recommend to observe a distance in 30 maritime miles from the coast of Gulf of Aden to stay in safety.

Pacific Ocean

All of us know that in the Pacific Ocean there is a rather large number of islands with the fine and picturesque wild nature and delightful bays are located, however that part of the Pacific Ocean which is located near the Caribbean Sea, is rather dangerous because of the frequent attacks of sea pirates.

But not the Bermuda Triangle …

Despite of myths and legends, the World fund of the nature have published the list of ten the most dangerous waters for navigation in the world, without the Bermuda Triangle in it. While Council of the United States doesn’t even recognize a formulation Bermuda Triangle by place names. Now it is widely recognized that the region is no more and isn’t less dangerous, than any other region of waters in Northern Atlantic.

Lena Karnaukh
Lena Karnaukh
Editor of the magazine

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