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Canaries for Instagram Canaries for Instagram
Charter July 26, 2019

Canaries for Instagram

For their diversity, the Canary Islands are called miniature continents. Sunny beaches, hot deserts, snowy peaks and dense forests can exist on just one island. As if someone successfully had created a small copy of the Earth on Canaries, and then went to a larger size.

We picked up the top locations for Instagram photos on the Canary Islands, so you don’t have to spend time searching for the most photogenic places.


La Geria

These places are similar to the lunar landscape: rows of colourful craters stretch to the very horizon. They are made by hand, by the way: there is a grape vine in each funnel, hidden from the wind and the sun, from which excellent wine is made.

Jameos Del Agua

A broad cave with a lake has been turned into a cultural centre. Now there’s a botanical garden, a museum and even a swimming pool inside. Nature and architecture were merged here by a single architect Caesar Manrique. And this is a must-have for those who like to make photos.

Mirador del Rio

A highway to Belvedere takes you to a restaurant on the edge of the world. The view of the Graciosa island from a height of 400 meters is breathtaking. You can take pictures both in the restaurant and on the street terrace — just keep in mind that it’s windy outside.

Gran Canaria

Maspalomas Dunes

Rent a boat in the Canaries and find yourself in the desert. These sand dunes had been formed in the ice age. Take off your shoes and stroll deep into the island for the desert photos. Then go to the sea beach to sunbathe on the shore.

Bandama Caldera

It is a large crater which is better to shoot at dusk or dawn. The sun floods the edges of depression, and long shadows slowly move along the orange-coloured plants below. If you arrive here in the afternoon, you will have to descend into the funnel for the beautiful views.


The Fataga village looks incredibly photogenic from the long distance. On the GC 60 highway, turn to the Degollada de la Llegua viewpoint to watch the village, then go to the palm grove with an oasis — and drive in Fataga, to take selfies on authentic streets.


Los Gigantes

Massive rocks hang over the sea surface. Book yacht rental on Tenerife and sail along the coast in search of lost caves and viewpoints for photos. Or look for a place on the island, from where you can clearly watch the giant cliffs.

Anaga Rural Park

The foggy place, thickly covered with wriggling trees, looks like fabulous scenery. As if the evil warlock had enchanted the sunny palm trees with cactuses and turned part of the island to mystical thickets. This place more resembles prehistoric Great Britain than the Canaries.

Benijo Beach

This one is a good kingdom with fortresses and vast territories. Fragments of rocks, reminding castles and individual buildings are scattered on the black sandy space. The perfect location for sunrise photos on your Instagram.


Popcorn Beach in Corralejo

Instead of sand on this beach, you relax on… popcorn! In fact, these are corals hewn by the ocean and cast ashore by the waves. If you were planning to go to the Canaries, it’s time to dream about the photos that you can get here.

Cofete Beach

Broad fields of golden sand with the azure sea waves at the background. It is difficult to get here from the coast: the beach is surrounded by rocky mountains from all sides, which makes it a deserted lost world. That’s why the photos here are clearly more interesting for sailing yacht travellers.

Lobos Island

This small island looks abandoned. But its calm clear waters are a great option to start the day. You can only get here by boat, so it’s time to include Lobos to the list of places for yacht travelling.

The sailing season in the Canary Islands never ends. There are no rains or hurricanes here, and you can sail here all year round. And if you think that’s a long time, live here for at least a week. Meditate when the sea of clouds assaults the local mountains in the morning, listen to the bell sound in a local village, inhale the smell of the ocean on the empty beach in the evening. To understand: it doesn’t matter how long you stay here, it will always be not enough.

Dmytro Mamontov
Dmytro Mamontov
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