Sailing holidays near Saint Tropez

Best places and sailing routes for your sailing trip near Saint Tropez. Sailing season details, trade winds and everything you need for perfect sailing holidays.

Marinas in Saint Tropez

Saint-Tropez is located on the Mediterranean coast of France in the Provence region. There is a bay of the same name. Holidays on a yacht in Saint-Tropez are suitable for those who like active holidays and for sailing along the Côte d'Azur. 


Saint-Tropez has many star-studded beaches, bars, and parties. From here you can take sailing trips to Cannes and Monaco.

Sailing season
June — August
Travel season
May — September
Marinas in this location

Main facts about region

UTC+1, in summer UTC+2
Euro (EUR)

Sailing trip in Saint-Tropez

Sailing is developed on the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can find some of the finest marinas in the world. The east coast is full of ports, marinas, and anchorages.


Port-de-Saint-Tropez has 800 berths in two swimming pools. Yachts dock at the outdoor pool on the first quay to the right of the entrance. Water and electricity are available at all berths, and fuel is available on the western side of the outer harbor. The inner harbor is reserved for local yachts and catamarans. The harbor has a shipyard with a crane with a lifting capacity of 40 tons and a cleaning net.


Back in the 1880s, French writer Guy de Maupassant came here on his yacht to paint the city red. The artist Paul Signac came for him. He was forced to go to Saint-Tropez due to bad weather during a cruise, and soon built a house here.


The city has very beautiful nature. She attracted famous artists and writers (Jean Cocteau and Anais Nin). 


Saint-Tropez is the best destination for yachts. Here you can relax and enjoy the beautiful views from a sailing yacht or catamaran.


There are over 30 ports between Menton and Saint-Tropez.


Saint-Tropez is a light sailing destination. Here tides and currents have no significant effect and do not cause serious problems. So this region is suitable for experienced skippers and yachting beginners.

Saint Tropez - Yacht Charter Sailica
Saint Tropez - Yacht Charter Sailica
Saint Tropez - Yacht Charter Sailica
Saint Tropez - Yacht Charter Sailica
Saint Tropez - Yacht Charter Sailica

Yacht routes in Saint-Tropez

Route in Saint-Tropez for 7 days by yacht:

  • Saint-Tropez — Cannes — Nice — Monaco — Antibes — Saint-Raphael — Saint-Tropez.

Yachting season and weather in Saint-Tropez

From May to September the wind speed is 5-15 knots. There are days when the Mistral winds pass at high speed near the coast. Therefore, it is worth checking the forecast regularly.


Mistral winds are stronger and more regular during the off-season and winter. The high season starts in May when temperatures regularly rise above 23 degrees.

Water temperature in sailing season +21...+25 °
Air temperature in sailing season +22...+25 °
Wind speed in sailing season 5−15 knots

Weather forecast for yachting in Saint-Tropez

Continuous weather forecast in Saint-Tropez is carried out on 23 VHF channel. On channel 80, the weather forecast is announced daily at 08:03, 13:33 and 20:03. NAVTEX - Cross La Garde (W).


For information about weather conditions, use the following services:

  • — weather forecast for France;
  • — wind speed and direction.