Sailing vacation in Philippines

Best places and routes to sail in region. Weather, trade winds and important details for perfect sailing holidays in Philippines.

Sailing trip in Philippines

To charter a boat in the Philippines with Sailica means to plunge light-heartedly into the holiday among the thousand islands scattered in the Pacific waters of south-east Asia. We could arrange the route individually for you to relax to the full on a sailing yacht. For the beginners, the yacht charter in the Philippines with a skipper is available. We always offer affordable boat rental prices in the Philippines.

Yacht rental in the Philippines

The Philippines is a name of the large island country. The catamaran rental in the Philippines is an eventful adventure for an experienced yachtsman. No other country has such a variety of waterbodies, nature, and culture fusion for the holiday on a sailing yacht. Why?

1. The Philippine archipelago is the second by size in the world. It consists of 7,600 islands. Due to the volcanic activity in the region, the number of islands is growing. The archipelago is washed by the Pacific Ocean and by 12 seas. The Sulawesi, the Philippine, the South China are the outer ones. The Negros, the Samar, the Palawan, the Mindoro, the Panay, the Leyte, the Sulu, the Cebu seas are interior.

2. The central and southern islands are highly recommended for a cruise if you charter a boat in the Philippines. Here, the weather is perfect, the sailing season is windy. From May to November, the south-west monsoon blows. In the north, the tsunami and the typhoon could occur at any time of the year.

3. Dozens of yacht clubs and marinas with the developed infrastructure are functioning here. The main point where they are collected is the island of Luzon. In the capital, there is the Manila Yacht Club & Marina, considered one of the poshest world yacht clubs.

4. The local yacht rentals is a good idea for the water sports fans. There are the excellent conditions for:

  • diving (every island has its own lures, for example, the legendary park “Puerto Galera”, situated on Mindoro);
  • surfing (the World Cup stage is held annually in September on Siargao).

5. Mostly, the sights can be reached only by sea. It means the catamaran charter in the Philippines is of high demand. For example, such sights are the virgin nature of the uninhabited islands with the exuberant jungle wilds and the ancient temples, located in the most remote corners of the country. To top it off, there is a variety of “urban” landscapes from the skyscrapers with the megalopolises to the villages with a tribal way of life.

Must-know about yachting in the Philippines

A tropical climate prevails, turning into a subequatorial one in the south, with the constant high temperature (+25 … + 28°C) and humidity.

There are three main seasons:
  • cold — from December to February;
  • warm — from March to May;
  • rainy — from June to November.

The tourist and sailing seasons last from December to May.

The Philippines is not inferior to most popular tropical resorts except for value. The rest — nature, tourist infrastructure, cuisine, and service — is on the level.

Sailing season
All the year round
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All the year round
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Philippines - Yacht Charter Sailica
Philippines - Yacht Charter Sailica
Philippines - Yacht Charter Sailica

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Nearest Airports

Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport MNL
Mactan–Cebu International Airport CEB
Francisco Bangoy International Airport DVO

The climate is equatorial. It’s hot (about 25−28 degrees) almost the whole year round, which contributes to year-round tourism.