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Sailing holidays near Koh Chang City

Best places and sailing routes for your sailing trip near Koh Chang City. Sailing season details, trade winds and everything you need for perfect sailing holidays.

Marinas in Koh Chang

Ko Chang is translated from Thai as «The Island of Elephants». This is an island in Thailand. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand and belongs to the province of Trat. The island is included in one of the largest marine parks in the country, Mu Ko Chang. There are over 40 islands.


On your sailing yacht journey, you will be able to see rainforest, spectacular beaches, waterfalls, and coral reefs.

Sailing season
All the year round
Travel season
All the year round
Marinas in this location
Boats in this location

Main facts about region

Telephone code:
Baht (THB)

Sailing trip on Ko Chang

There are few people living on Koh Chang. It has recently started to develop as a tourist attraction in Thailand. 


The island is famous for its wild beaches and calm coves. Here you need to do snorkeling, diving. 


Klong Prao Beach is the longest beach on the island. It is divided into three parts by the mouth of a large river.


Klong Son Beach is located in a small fishing village. Nearby there is an elephant camp, fruit farms, golf courses. You can also visit the cockfighting arena.


From Koh Chang, you can head to nearby islands or along the coast of mainland Thailand.

Koh Chang - Yacht Charter Sailica
Koh Chang - Yacht Charter Sailica

Yacht routes on Ko Chang

We offer a route for yachts for 7 days a yacht route around the islands of the archipelago:

  • Ko Chang — Ko Rang — Ko Kut — Ko Mak — Ao Bang Bao.

You can also visit the best beaches on the island:

  • Klong Son Beach;
  • North and South white sand beaches;
  • Pearl Beach;
  • North Klong Prao Beach;
  • Kai Bae Beach;
  • Beilan Bay;
  • Bang Bao;
  • Klong Kloi Beach;
  • East coast beaches.
Marina Koh Chang
8 yachts

Nearest Airports on Ko Chang

There is no airport on Koh Chang Island. The nearest airport is Trat, 17 km from the Ao Thammachat Ko Chang ferry terminal on the mainland.

Yachting season and weather on Ko Chang

The seasons in Koh Chang are comparable to those in Bangkok. The island can be visited all year round. The high season runs from November to February. December is the driest month in Koh Chang. The rains on the island begin from late May to late October. 


The height of the tides is about 3 meters. The average wind speed is 10 to 15 knots. It rarely exceeds 25 knots. In high season, winds blow from the northeast.


The air temperature throughout the year ranges from + 27 °C to + 36 °C, and the water temperature from + 28 °C to + 32 °C.

Water temperature in sailing season +28...+32°
Air temperature in sailing season +28...+35°
Wind speed in sailing season 5 - 15 knots

Weather forecast for yachting on Ko Chang

You can also use the following services to get information about weather conditions:

  • — Thailand Meteorological Department;
  • — a service for tracking winds, viewing the temperature of water and air;
  • — view wind directions and speed, air temperature;
  • — tide tables.

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