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Marinas in Patras

The coast of the Ionic sea is the perfect place for skilled yachtsmen and beginners who want to try this type of rest. Wonderful conditions for sailing and an opportunity for parking at any time in one of numerous marines, yacht parking places and bays. Simple, but very interesting yacht routes which are the most popular, are the reason of renting a yachts in Patras. Not smaller plus of such unusual type of rest is also the price. The prices of hiring a yachts in Greece, even during the high season, are quite optimumal. It is worth mentioning, storm in this region almost never happens, the sun shines in the afternoon and the pleasant breeze blows. During a season Patras accepts a great number of guests from everywhere, people are also interested in taking a part in various events which are held here. Also many fans of sport want to get here during the high season, because Patras is one of the cities of Greece where a lot of kinds of water sports is offered. The nearest airport to the city is Araksos.

The city of Patras is the capital of Peloponnese which is located in its most northern point. In this city there is one of the most brisk ports of the country is located, it provides the sea message of Greece with the Ionian Islands and the cities of Italy.

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Airports in Patras

Araxos Airport GPA

In the city of Patras climate is very suitable for rest, summer here is always solar and not hot. Average temperature reaches +25 °C in the summer.