Sailing holidays near Monaco

Best places and sailing routes for your sailing trip near Monaco. Sailing season details, trade winds and everything you need for perfect sailing holidays.

Marinas in Monaco

Monaco is a city-state in southern Europe. The coastline is 4 kilometres. The most beautiful and expensive villas, casinos, marinas, hotels, and clubs locates along with it.


The capital of the Principality of Monaco is the city of Monaco-Ville with a population of up to 1000 people. It locates on the shores of the Ligurian Sea. It is not a city, but a medieval European village with beautiful architecture and quiet streets.

Sailing season
June - August
Travel season
May - September
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Main facts about region

Telephone code:
UTC+1, in summer UTC+2
Euro (EUR)

Why boaters love Monaco

Sailing vacation Monaco is one of the most expensive and colourful. There are fabulous yacht shows in the world. The total cost of the vessels that show here exceeds $4 billion.


Monaco has a very well-developed yachting infrastructure: large marinas are well equipped.


The best place to sail in Monaco is a «Classic week of Monaco» («La Belle Classe»). Only traditional sailing ships participate in the regatta.


Every year, since 1929, one of the most popular competitions in motorsport has been held here — the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix.


The Monaco Coast is part of the Côte d'Azur — you should add this location to your French Riviera sailing itinerary.


It is worth noting that prices in Monaco are significantly higher than prices in Europe.

Monaco - Yacht Charter Sailica
Monaco - Yacht Charter Sailica
Monaco - Yacht Charter Sailica
Monaco - Yacht Charter Sailica

Yacht routes around Monaco

It is best to plan your Monaco travel itinerary —  from Saint Tropez or Nice.


Here is an example of a 105 nautical mile Monaco sailing routes along the French Riviera:

  • Monaco — Antibes — Saint-Raphael — Saint-Tropez — Cannes — Nice — Monaco.

You can also head in the opposite direction — towards the Italian Riviera:

  • Monaco — San Remo — Imperia — Alassio — Diano Marina — San Lorenzo — Bordighera — Monaco.


The main advantage of Monaco is its location practically on the border of France and Italy. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the Cote d'Azur, culture, and architecture of two European countries.

Marina Monaco
0 yachts

Nearest airports in Monaco

The nearest international airport, Côte d'Azur, is in Nice, a 40-minute bus ride from Monaco or a 10-minute helicopter flight to Monaco Heliport Airport.

Yachting season and weather in Monaco

Best time to travel to Monaco — from May to September. Wind speeds are typically 5-15 knots. There are days when the Mistral descends at high speed from the nearby mountains. Therefore, it is worth checking the weather forecast for Monaco regularly. In winter, this wind can blow at speeds of up to 50 knots.


The local tourist season starts in May when the air temperature reaches + 20 °C. In peak season, it rises to + 26 °C. The maximum temperature is + 33 °C, but it is decreasing very quickly. The weather is pleasant for yachting.


The Monaco water temperature gradually increases from + 18 °C in May to 23 °C in August.

Water temperature in sailing season +20...+24 °
Air temperature in sailing season +22...+27 °
Wind speed in sailing season 5 - 15 knots

Weather forecast for Monaco

Port services regularly receive forecasts — this is the most reliable source of information. You can also check the forecast and storm warnings at the following sites:

  • — marine weather forecast for the Mediterranean coast;

  • Marine Weather Guide — Marine weather guide from METEO France;

  • weather — a site with accurate synoptic data;

  • windfinder is a service for tracking winds, viewing water and air temperatures.