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Ponta-Delgada is an ideal place for yacht cruises. Yacht rent here is a wonderful way to discover all new sides of this city to yourself. Yacht charters are extremely popular in Ponta-Delgada, because yachting gives you a pleasure from your holiday and pleasure from sea trips. A lot of people think that hiring a yacht will restrict their opportunities to walk under a sail, but it is not true. During a yacht charter you can fish or for example, moor somewhere and try yourself in diving. A huge positive moment in yacht cruises is that you can plan your own route. Besides, if you have a ICC (International Certificate for Operations of Pleasure Craft), you can sail a yacht by yourself. If you don’t have it, it is possible to hire the yacht with crew.

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  • Praia das Melicias beach
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Ponta Delgada is the city and seaport in Portugal, it is the capital of the Azores and also it is the capital of the largest island of San-Migel. It is located on the island of San-Migel.