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Yachting in the modern world became quite popular entertainment for travelers and tourists. The Italian city of Naples has the huge choice of yacht tours. Romantic landscapes, snow-white beaches, the beautiful coastline and clean air turned this usual city into the unforgettable place for sailing. In Naples it is possible to hire the yacht for the optimal price or to choose a tour with an interesting route. To choose and immediately go it is possible to book a suitable tour online. Every of these variants will show you all parts of unusual and comfortable rest. In Naples there are a lot of yacht parking places, so you doesn’t have to worry about a place to moor. Any of these options will show you all opportunities of active rest. Walks under a sail will open you all greatness and beauty of these places. Naples is one of the administrative centers so near the downtown it is possible to find the international airport.

Marina Naples
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2 yachts
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Naples is the third largest city of Italy, which is stretched on the western coast of the Apennine Peninsula. Its convenient arrangement explains improbable popularity of such type rest like yachting.