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Ploce yacht rental is available from any point in the world. It takes a few minutes. On a Sailica website, you could submit an application for a yacht charter in Ploce with a couple of clicks. If you are at the crossways, we will help you to make a choice. The Sailica consultants will eagerly share all the information about the yacht rentals and boat rental prices in Ploce.

Yacht rental in Ploce

Ploce is a resort in Southern Dalmatia. 600 years ago, people already lived here. Later, the settlement declined. A new high-day happened in the middle of the 20th century when a port building started in Ploce. Now, this port is one of the largest in Croatia. Here, there is a catamaran charter in Ploce as well as a sailing yacht hire. Yacht charter in Ploce could be arranged with a skipper or bareboat. In the second case, a yachtsman must have an international skipper certificate and a radio operator license.

The nearest international airport is Dubrovnik. It is 18 km away.

Routes and Events in Ploce

The city stands at the delta of the Neretva River where in mid-August the boat races are held. The boats are traditional Croatian, made of wood. Each has a dozen rowers, a helmsman, and a drummer. The competitions are spectacular and exciting. This event attracts the audience from all over Dalmatia and increases the demand for yacht rentals. Therefore, it is better to arrange a boat rental in Ploce beforehand.

We offer all year-round discounts on the yacht charter in Ploce.

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5 yachts
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Dubrovnik Airport DBV
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The city of Ploce is located in Croatia, in a southeastern part of the country, in a zupanja Dubrovnik-Neretva.